December 2009.
By Anja and Detlef Wange
Copyright story and photos: Anja and Detlef Wange.


Unfortunately we didn’t succeed in meeting Barry in person while being in Miami.
During the 4 attempts we did try to see him he was out or in bed with a flu. Too bad.
We only get to speak with various domestic workers.
Luck can not always be on our side, though …

While we visited Barry’s property for the 4th time Dec. 19th Barry’s 17-year-old daughter Alexandra just arrived at the house in her car and she spent several minutes with the fans of her father.
We were able to give her many gifts and an autographs wishing list for over 30 fans to present to Barry, Robin and Mo’s wife Yvonne.
By the way Ali celebrated her 18th birthday December 29th at the same day we (Anja and Detlef) celebrated our second wedding anniversary!
Every day we now look forward to a pre-addressed return envelope from us by Mr. Barry Gibb!

During our stay we also visited the Hit Factory – Criteria Studios, Jimmy’s East Side Diner and finally found Mo’s Paintball Shop.
The special and emotional highlight of our Miami holiday was undoubtedly the 60th Birthday of our favorite twins Robin and Maurice on Dec 22nd 2009.
Many months before, we have been thinking, how can we celebrate this special day …
Robin probably spent this day with his family in England and with mixed feelings.
Maurice, unfortunately isn’t amongst us anymore to celebrate this day.
We went to The Maurice Gibb Park and have blown up lots of balloons.
One balloon for each year, 60 in total.
We tied them on the memorial stone at the entrance to Maurice Gibb Memorial Park with a little birthday candle in the form of a “60” etc.
In silence we remembered him there.