Recently Robin gave some more shows in Asia and this next Report tells a bit about this Asia Tour and will show you some photo material. There were concerts booked for Shanghai – November 18, Jakarta – November 20, Hong Kong – November 24 and Manila – November 25.

Report: Live in Manila

Story and photo credits: Desiree

Hi , here’s my update of the show I visited in Manila. At first I just couldn’t get my thoughts organized and I was out of this world since Saturday until now. Amongst some photo material I’m attaching my concert ticket and a cut out of an ad for Robin from one of our leading broadsheets which appeared every Sunday for a month. Don’t worry about the size cause radio ad for concerts is most effective here in our country and 2 of my favorite stations consistently advertised Robin almost every 30 minutes!! You can just imagine my excitement was mounting by the minute.

This is really hard for me to write, you know why? Cause I couldn’t find enough words to describe Robins’ concert last Saturday. Fantastic! Wonderful ! Great!, Incredible! Etc. Etc. Mind-blowing seems fit for me because I’m just beginning to get back to my senses! Smitten!!! yes, that’s the right word. I’m smitten by Robin LOL!!! Maurice had been my real crush and love (hahaha) but I’m love-struck now with Robin, gosh this is hard. Sad thing was, we arrived late!!! Can you imagine that? I’ve been waiting for this for 7 weeks and I arrived late!! Someone said Robin was on his 5th song when we came in. I really regretted it. Usually, when time says it’s 8pm in the Phils, it means 8:30, but Robin started on time. I and my niece were delayed at the entrance because guards were strict. Plus my niece wanted to buy snacks. This lateness is something I have to deal with for the rest of my life unless Robin comes back again and I make up for it. Based on the song list on his Tour CD, I think I missed .

“I’ve Got a Message To You” (which is my very favorite)
“Nights on Broadway” (my fave too)
“Love Hurts” (my fave too)
I believe Robin was singing “How Deep is Your Love” when we entered!! Gosh, looking at Robin from the entrance was like in a dream, you know!! I couldn’t believe that it was THE NIGHT! I also had problems looking for our seats because most ushers were ushering other latecomers too! We momentarily sat on 2 empty chairs, but after 2 songs the owners came and the old lady was very impatient to throw us out or perhaps call the police so we groped again in the dark. My adrenaline was kicking hard already and finding our seats in the dark while listening and glancing to Robin at the same time was trancelike and crazy!! I brought all my gadgets with me; digi cam, camera, micro recorder, and cell phone. Gosh!! Setting all these up was big deal. I kept groping in the dark.

Perhaps my seatmates were wondering what the heck was wrong with me. As I listened to my recorders at home and here in office, it made me realize how loud the crowd was, all the screaming, clapping, whistling roaring, etc!!! I hope Robin wasn’t slighted by the whistles-that’s Filipino trademark! I sang along with Robin on top of my lungs and danced till I dropped. Who wouldn’t want to dance to the beat of “Night Fever”, “More Than A Woman” “You Should Be Dancing” “Staying Alive” and “Tragedy”?! I would go crazy if I keep seated there, gosh!!! I was just waiting for someone to chide me to sit still and be quiet and I was ready to smack him or her, LOL!!!

You see, Filipinos, in general are behaved and unexpressive so Robin was really safe with us. Most especially, the majority of the audience were middle aged. If being forty-something is still middle age. There were those in 50′ and 60′ too. Also, most came in pairs-husband and wife, so definitely any of them wouldn’t dare dance cause couples here are conservative. The teens are more unruly but not the adults. In fact, people kept looking at me when I danced alone like crazy. I was also afraid someone might recognize me-but what the heck!! I wanted to have a grand time!! I was thinking that perhaps people thought I was drunk or drugged but hey, I waited for 3 decades to see THE BEE GEES and even if it’s only Robin, it was heaven really for me, really extra-terrestrial experience!!! Robin also sang,

“I Started a Joke” ( I learned singing at age 8, w/ tears flowing)
“Night Fever”
“NY Mining Disaster”
“More Than A Woman” (I started dancing here)
“My Lover’s Prayer”
“To Love Somebody”
“First Of May”
“You Should Be Dancing”
“Jive Talkin'”
“Stayin’ Alive”

Robin’s back-up singers and orchestra did very well. Robin did superb in singing Barry’s songs!! Nobody minded if they were not in falsetto. One lady shouted, “Where’s Barry?” and everyone laughed. Robin was quiet for a while and laughed too and said something. One thing that amazed Robin was when all the lights brightened after his 5th song and saw how full the place was!. I was very amazed myself!!! I expected a very good turn-out really because of consistent radio ads but to see it with my own eyes was really breathtaking, yes, it’s the right word because it took my breath away and I said, WOW!! The audience was up to the roof!!! You see, Araneta Coliseum is the biggest venue in the Philippines, larger than any open field concert. It’s circular with 5 levels and has 17,0000 capacity. In a stage setting like Robin’s, both sides and back of the stage are closed because anyone sitting there won’t see the performer anyway. Very few performers, foreign or local, can fill Araneta Coliseum to the roof and it’s a dream of every Filipino singer to perform at full packed in this venue. Even Robin gasped and he said, “Wow this is amazing. I will definitely ask Barry to come back here with me.” And everyone screamed, “Yeah, yeah, bring Barry!!!!” And the place roared. I really hope Robin comes back, double bonus if Barry comes along!!! I’m going to watch again. Robin’s 2 last songs were “Stayin’ Alive” and “Tragedy” and before he ended it I was able to go upfront the stage. When he exited, people were stamping and screaming: “MORE ROBIN, MORE ROBIN!” The place was very loud. Filipinos are not fond of clapping and screaming, you know, unless and until they enjoy it because we are hard-to-please.

I knew Robin would be back, and so he came back and sang these 2 songs again. I really couldn’t recall anymore when I went up front, either before he exited or after he came back. My mind is still blurred till now. But I remembered I left my niece at the back so I got her to come with me to the front. Not everyone was able to do that, except me because I wouldn’t let that chance to pass by without me looking straight at Robin. It was standing ovation for Robin!!! During these last 6-7 minutes of Robin’s performance, I was out of my mind already. I remember 3 instances that I caught myself at the foot of the stage, just 3 arms length from Robin and I was looking up and just staring at him…just staring!!!! I was asking myself, “Is this for real? Or am I just watching his DVD?” It seems the world stopped during those times, my ears went deaf!! I knew Robin was singing but I couldn’t hear him nor the screams and clappings!!! I kept waving my arms to Robin and shouting his name, he also kept looking down at me and smiling, perhaps thinking I looked like a drowning fool asking him to save me LOL!!!! Every time I replay my cell-video and micro recorder, I wonder why I couldn’t hear myself shouting, “Robin!! Robin!!!” I really think that no voice came out of me!! This is insane!!!

Then I would scamper around and took pictures..flash..flash…flash… The long-haired guitarist kept smiling at me or probably laughing at my craziness so I flashed at him too. I felt I was caught by a wave and I was just swimming along. I even forgot to dance anymore. After Robin finished his extended versions of “Stayin’ Alive” and “Tragedy” he reached out and touched those extended hands of fans. Gosh, I couldn’t reach him!!! Then he went to the other side again and I ran towards it but still I missed touching him. I told myself “This is mission impossible. It’s either I fly to the stage or be a loser and regret it forever.” LOL!!!. Then when Robin was exiting already, a younger lady ran to the end of the stage and kept calling him. So I ran towards her and kept calling Robin too. We were 2 crazy fans!!! As Robin’s back was on us I felt all my hopes were going away…but perhaps Robin heard these 2 fools shrieking “Robin, Robin, please, please!!!” So amazingly he suddenly turned around and walked towards us and extended his left hand.

Last night, while I was thinking of this scene, I told myself, It seemed like a scene in E.T. (LOL) except that instead of just touching the fingertips we both grabbed Robin’s hands. I don’t know if it hurt Robin but he was smiling at me. He wasn’t pulling back either, but he seemed afraid to come near us hahaha! I really don’t want to let go of his 2 fingers yet you know but well .. I couldn’t hold on that long… Besides my brain was telling me already, “Hey, enough, you now know he’s human and made of flesh and blood.” I was flying really!! and kept shouting and hopping, “I touched him, I touched him.” The audience laughed at me but I knew everyone wished they had that chance.

Now that I’m part sane, I wonder if Robin can remember the craziness and weirdness of fans like me. But I will always remember Robin, being so gracious to turn around and reached his hand out to us, smiling. I will always remember him that way!!!! That was a night to remember!! Every effort I did waiting for that night was worth more than anything! For now, he is my only favorite who left a positive feeling to me after a performance. Most of the singers I watched left me turned-off at the end of the show. I did enjoy a lot and I know Robin did enjoy as well.