Kathleen Dimpfl and The Gibbs at the Grammy’s

‘Every year for the past 8 years, I have had the honor of being able to volunteer for The Grammys event held here in Los Angeles. This year’s Grammys weekend, was and will always be my favorite year… here is my story.

Saturday, February 7, 2015:

I arrive at the Wilshire Ebelle Theatre way ahead of schedule and offer to help with setting up. I was thinking maybe they would have me unpack the programs, put up ropes or signs, but no – something much, much better. They need help with something that is unbelievable – I am asked to unpack the Grammy Awards and place them on the shelves for the show! Ever so carefully, I proceed with my task and ask that they save the Bee Gee awards for me. They did and I carefully unpack both awards (Robin’s will be sent to his family, I believe). I may have given them a little air kiss, but I can’t confirm. ? Immediately afterwards text a friend saying, “OMG! I just took Barry and Maurice’s Lifetime Achievement Awards out of the box, polished them and placed them on the shelf.”
My friends’ response: “LOL, let me know when you actually see people.”

My role that evening was simple – to escort the honoree’s families to their seats from the backstage check-in area, while the honoree did all the PR stuff, including the step and repeat (this is where the photographers and reporters do interviews and take photos).. The evening was proceeding along until there was some confusion with another honoree’s publicist who needed to be at the Honoree check-in. As I was available, I personally took her to the backstage check-in area.

As I was returning back to my post I see Barry and Linda walking towards me… holy cow… it’s the entire family walking towards me. What do I say? My mind is blank… how does my hair look… do I let Barry know what my favorite Bee Gee albums are? (too many, but if I have to say one: MAIN COURSE… ok two… THIS IS WHERE I CAME IN)… or do I just say hello and let him walk by?

Do I tell him that I have loved all the brothers for 40 years and what their songs mean to me (Nah, he hears that all the time)… I want to be original… what do I say? I walk towards them, thinking I will just stay professional, congratulate him, and move on. That is what I am supposed to do.

What actually ends up happening? I spread my arms out to the sky and declare loud and proud: “I think I died and went to heaven” (IDIOT ALERT). Barry smiled and said “Hello Love”. He could not have been sweeter! (Although, I’m actually hoping he didn’t hear me). Ultimately, I said hello, shook his hand, told him I have been a fan forever, it was a dream come true to meet him, the award was well deserved and that they were heading in the right direction to check in for the ceremony.

As each family member walked by, I said hello to them by name, “it’s an honor to meet you Mrs. Gibb (Linda), Mrs. Gibb (Yvonne) Adam, Ashley (with wife Therese), Stephen (and Gloria) Ali (with friend Sloane.)” I wanted them to know that I knew who they were. Of course, after thinking about it, I hoped they didn’t think I was some weird stalker ;).

I returned to my post and quickly informed my supervisor that the Gibb family was larger than anticipated, and there may be a need to have a second escort to follow behind and keep the group together. My supervisor agreed, and told me to “go and help out” (SCORE!!). We took the family to the step and repeat area. I had the opportunity to speak with Gloria and Stephen – and discovered we share the same interest in haunted places – and I was able to tell Stephen how much I LOVED the Hollywood Bowl show and that I thought his version of “ON TIME” was AMAZING!. He mentioned that it was a special show since Gloria is from Hollywood and they were able to see a lot of friends and family while here.

After Barry, Linda, Yvonne and Adam finished with the photos and press, there was some lull time, and most of them hung around until they could be go to their seats. When it was time to be seated, I gathered up Linda, Yvonne and Ashley who had gone outside for fresh air. It was at this time that Yvonne noticed a Ranger Rat pin on my jacket lapel. I told her it was my subtle way of letting her know what a big fan I was of Maurice in particular and that he was my “favorite Bee Gee” – She was very sweet and Linda was not at all offended. 🙂

I was not able to see them after the show – and hoped they would remember me at the Grammy’s the next day when they walked the red carpet.

Illustrations from the 57th Annual Grammy Awards booklet

Photo report congratulations to the Bee Gees  click to enlarge  (6 images)  

GRAMMYs Sunday, Feb 8, 2015:

I was a little depressed about not being able to take a picture with the family – the opportunity presented itself several times at the Lifetime Achievement Awards show, but I had to stay professional. I was pretty mad at myself for letting the opportunity pass me by. When I spoke to my wife, she assured me that it would happen at the Grammy’s.

We worked together on the red carpet. Our job basically is to keep the flow of the red carpet moving. It’s a challenge every year but enjoyable nonetheless.

When we heard over the radio that “Barry Gibb was on the red carpet” we waited…and waited…and waited. In the meantime, the family arrived from behind the main carpet area to let Dad do his thing. They remembered me from the night before and I took them to a special waiting area to wait for Barry. I also was able to introduce myself to Dick Ashby…that was great to meet him too! They waited…and waited…and waited too. Even Linda, who was on the carpet with Barry, couldn’t hang with him any longer (it was packed!) and came to join the family at the end of the Red Carpet.

I was able to quickly introduce them to my wife (who got me the Hollywood Bowl tickets for my birthday!) FINALLY (probably 2 hours later), we see him in front of step and repeat and Barry makes his way to join the rest of the family. NOW OR NEVER…I tell Barry, I may get fired and never asked again to work the Grammy’s again but it’s all going to be worth it if I can get a quick picture. He was very gracious even amongst all the crazy people calling his name and trying to get to him. MISSION COMPLETE, got my photo with Barry, it’s not the greatest picture, but I got it. Everything happened so darn fast, I failed to get my photo with the family. Maybe that can be another adventure in the future. I will forever remember this weekend. Thank you, Gibb Family for being genuinely nice people.

Love, Kathleen ‘.

Adam’s speech Maurice’s wife Yvonne was so kind to send us this video of the speech of Adam, to share with the fans on GSI.
Thanks Yvonne!!