In concert, The Italian Bee Gees featuring Blue Weaver

story: Marion Adriaensen
also thanks: Italian Bee Gees and Blue Weaver.

It all started in June, 2003 when Italian Bee Gees fan Pasquale Egiziano mailed to me for the first time:
Hello, we are three italian brothers (Walter (34), Davide (28) and Pasquale(26) Egiziano) and we sing the Bee Gees songs

Since then we posted several times about The Italian Bee Gees on GSI, they did many shows in different countries, and one of their big dreams came true in 2009 when they finally met with Barry and Robin in Manchester. They started to perform more and more in the following years and they still had another dream: to work with some of the old original Bee Gees Band members (Alan Kendall, Dennis Bryon and Blue Weaver). And in 2011 I started mailing about this idea with Pasquale Egiziano and with the Bee Gees Band members and by the end of the year after Alan, Dennis and Blue had discussed things over and had watched the promotional video of The Italian Bee Gees all three were impressed an interested in working with the Italian Brothers. There are lots of plans and they love to explore the many options and see what would be most viable. However after hearing late last year about the bad health situation of Robin Gibb everyone involved decided to push forward any plans for the moment as far as would be respectful. Then early this year a new big adventure started for The Italian Bee Gees when they embarked for a huge 4 months German tour of their show: One Night Only, The Bee Gees Story.

© A and D. Wange
© A and D. Wange

And it happened during this tour that The Italian Bee Gees could meet up with at least one of the Bee Gees Band Members from the old days already: Blue Weaver, who was staying in Bremen, not far from where the Italian Brothers would play: in Papenburg, Germany. Blue had written me before that he wanted to try and visit one of the shows and I could make it to Papenburg too, so Blue mailed me he’d come over to the venue in Papenburg on March 16th to perform with the Italian Brothers. Together they played and rehearsed a whole afternoon and did a show together that night.

rehearsals   © A and D. Wange

The Italian Bee Gees played some extra songs with Blue in Papenburg: Songbird and Our Love, Don’t Throw It all Away, dedicated to Andy Gibb. The backing singers of the group both did a wonderful solo as well: Letizia performed Guilty and Laura did a lovely version of Immortality. The audience gave the Italian Bee Gees, Blue Weaver, band and singers a warm applause and standing ovations throughout the night!!

the concert   © Madeleine Nooteboom

Amongst the audience in Papenburg there was a very special person for the Italian Brothers: their mother had come over from Italy to see their sons perform with Blue Weaver. She was so excited and she can be very proud of her sons!! The Band members who played tonight together with Walter, Davide, Pasquale Egiziano and Blue Weaver were: Emiliano Cava on drums, Danilo Chiarella on bass guitar, Fabrizio Saullo on key boards, Ivan Avicolli on lead guitar and Laura Ugolini and Letizia Mongelli both backing singers The Italian Brothers told the audience they are very big Bee Gees fans themselves and do not pretend to be The original Bee Gees but just love to enjoy their audiences with all these many wonderful Bee Gees compositions, and that’s what they did!!

left: © A and D. Wange   right: © Piet Beks

Both The Italian Brothers and Blue enjoyed working together and playing these great Bee Gees melodies. For the near future I’ll try and do my best to see if I can help make the complete dream come true for the Italian Bee Gees and have the other band members (Alan Kendall and Dennis Bryon) join in as well some time, some place.

Click here (Pdf) to see the set list of the Papenburg concert

The last part of their German tour The Italian Brothers will visit the following places:
13.04.2012 – 19.30 – Nordhausen – Wiedigsburghalle ( neu )
14.04.2012 – 20:00 – Greiz – Vogtlandhalle
15.04.2012 – 19:30 – Leuna – Kulturhaus
19.04.2012 – 19:30 – Arnsberg – Sauerlandtheater ( neu )
20.04.2012 – 20:00 – Dieburg – Römerhalle ( neu )
21.04.2012 – 20:00 – Göppingen – Stadthalle
22.04.2012 – 19:00 – Waldkraiburg – Haus der Kultur
26.04.2012 – 19:30 – Aschaffenburg – Stadthalle
27.04.2012 – 20:00 – Salzgitter – Bad – Aula des Gymnasiums
28.04.2012 – 20:00 – Uelzen – Theater an der Ilmenau
29.04.2012 – 20:00 – Stadt Südliches Anhalt – Sport-/Kulturzentrum Weißandt Gölzau
Be sure to visit them!!

Marion / GSI

Comments by Blue Weaver on Facebook
March 19th.
Had a great time on Friday as a guest of Italian Bee Gees tribute band ‘The Italian Bee Gees’ telling their 3 hour Bee Gee’s Story. I managed, amongst the obvious tracks, to do 2 songs, Songbird and Our Love (Don’t Throw It All Away’ that I had never played live with the Bee Gees (they learnt all the harmonies in just a few days whilst traveling). They were true professionals, real brothers also and lovely guys with a great band and 2 gorgeous ladies, who really did justice to the songs written for the likes of Dion Warwick, Barbra Streisand and Celine Dion.
Love and thanks to all of you…

and on his own website Blue wrote:
March 23rd.
Last Friday 16th March I was a guest at “The Bee Gees Story” performed by The Italien Bee Gees in Papenburg, North Germany. They asked if I would perform ‘Songbird’ and ‘Our Love (Don’t Throw It All Away)’ with them. We performed them just with voices and piano oh! and I asked their keyboard player just to add a little strings. This was the first time I had performed these songs onstage apart from a concert in Fort Lauderdale where I played ‘Our Love’ with Andy Gibb. This was a magical night and I look forward to playing with the group again. If they are near you and you love the Bee Gees music go and see them you won’t be disappointed…

News paper article from Papenburg after the concert:

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