Tina and Barry

Hi everyone

My name is Tina Alvis and I met Barry in Miami on 11th Sept 02. I went on holiday there as many times I have gone to his house in England and everytime I missed him. so I thought right i’ll go to Miami. After a lot of sore feet and tears I managed to track him down. Tina and Barry I went to his house in Miami rang the bell outside his gate and spoke to a lady. I asked if Barry was there and she said: ‘who are you’ and I said: ‘just a fan who’s come all the way from the UK to see Barry’. She said: ‘just a moment’, then she came running down Barrys driveway and gave me the address to his studio and to meet him there at 5.30pm. I said: ‘what… I am going to meet Barry!’ and she said ‘yes’. I said: ‘are you sure?! and she said ‘yes’. With that I started to cry and thanked her so much. So I went back to my hotel on South Beach and then ordered a taxi for 4.45pm. At 5.00pm. I was at the studio and at 5.10pm. a Rolls Royce came along the road and my husband Geoff said: ‘that’s Barry’, and I said: ‘oh my God I am going to meet Barry Gibb after all these years of trying’, and then I froze. I could not move.

The birthday card

Barry got out his car and walked towards me and my husband said ‘well go on then go meet him’ and I thought he was going to say hello and give me an autograph and then go but to my amasement he put his arms aroung me gave me a kiss and we were talking for 20 minutes. Then he had to go to work. It was just like I knew Barry for years all the time he was holding my hand and cuddling me and I was giving him kisses on the cheek. He smelt so beautiful and he said that I could send the photos to him that my husband had taken and he would autograph them which I did when I got back home and true to his word he autographed them and sent an additional one of the TIWICI album signed by all three and he even sent back the $5 I sent for posting them back to me. I still have that $5 bill stuck to the photo and that’s not all. 

I invited the Bee Gees to my 40th birthday and what did I get… a 40th birthday card saying – to Tina, love Bee Gees. And all autographed it, also Barrys lodgekeeper at his home in the UK sent me an autographed photo of all 3 and also when I went to Robins house in the UK he was there but it was a weekend and he was resting so I left my One Night Only book and Robin signed it and sent it back to me.

What sweet sweet people the guys are!! I am off to Miami again on 11th May. I won the holiday in a competition I only went in for it because it was Miami and I could not believe it when I won. I was hoping to meet Barry again but have just found out he will be here in the UK. It was just guess work that he may be in Miami at that time as I know he could be anywhere in the world so I am sad he won’t be there this time but when I come back I will be off to see him here and I hope I can meet him again as I suffer with rumotoied arthritis in my feet and would like to see him again whilst I can still walk. I have loved the guys since I was 8 years old. I am now 45. They make me very happy when I am down and when Mo passed away I was up to Surrey and placed flowers on his gate. I am so so sad he is no longer with us. I love them all so very very much but Barry is the one for me.

Regards Tina.