Credits of the report: Rosalien Beks
Credits of all the photo material in this report: Piet Beks.
This report was published on GSI with approval of Yvonne Gibb and family.
The following report for GSI was written by Rosalien Beks and tells about her recent visit to Miami. There she presented the Tribute Book For Maurice to Yvonne Gibb and a beautiful copy to Barry Gibb. Earlier, September 25th 2004 she already had a chance to present the other copy of the Tribute Book to Robin during a visit to Munich. Click here for the GSI report of her visit to Robin in Munich.

July 2005

Finally the time had come.
I was in Miami with Piet, Monique & Adrie to present the Tribute Album to Yvonne Gibb.

After Maurice had died I wanted to show the Gibb Family how their fans sympathised with them.
With the help of Marion I posted an announcement on the GSI website with a request to the fans to share their emotions with me so I would be able to combine it all in a beautiful book.
I then received wonderful material from all over the world like nice stories, poems, drawings, photos etc.
The Dutch Bee Gees Meeting of September 20 in Bovenkarspel was dedicated also to Maurice and again there I received contributions for my tribute book.

My original plan was to travel to Miami in the spring of 2004 to present the original Tribute Book to Yvonne and the children and next to that present a nice copy to both Barry and Robin.
Due to personal circumstances I couldn’t make the trip until July 2005.

Early 2005 I started to get in touch with people in America to find out what would be the best time for me to visit Miami.
With the help of some special persons I succeeded in getting an appointment with Yvonne Gibb.

We were invited to Yvonne’s home July 13th.
She welcomed us in a very friendly and hospitable way and we felt very relaxed.
The presentation of the Maurice Tribute Book itself was very emotional both for me as well as for Yvonne.
The past few years had been very difficult and grievously for her.
And the sadness of the loss of Maurice is still very intense.

Yvonne and Maurice still had so many plans together: enjoying their new home, travelling around together and just simply enjoy life.
Unfortunately they didn’t get this opportunity anymore and Yvonne has to go on and deal with her sadness.

Of course she gets lots of support from her kids Adam and Samantha.
They bring a lot of joy in her life.
Full of pride she told us about the musical qualities of Samantha which are becoming better and better.
Samantha recently released a wonderful CD with MEG.
(I must admit that it sounds great) and Adam hopes to be able to end his study by the end of the year. So all in all: very positive things.

The conversation we had was full with emotions but also with lovely memories.
It was a wonderful meeting with a very special woman.
We felt privileged to have been able to visit her.

After our visit to Yvonne my biggest wish of course had been fulfilled.
I however had one more goal to go for: presenting a copy of the Tribute Book to Barry.
(Robin had received his copy already September 2004 in Munich, Germany).

A Dutch present for Dick Ashby
Rosalien presents a copy of the Tribute Book to Barry

From reliable sources I’d heard that Barry would be in Miami as well but getting a chance to speak with him was something different!
He was rather busy at the time finishing the CD with Barbra Streisand.

We had been at the studio several times already but with no luck. In front of his house there were so many cars parked that I didn’t find it appropriate to ring the bell.
But I always keep in mind: never give up!
During one of the last days of our visit to Miami I saw Dick Ashby at the studio.
I asked him if Barry would be at the studio that day as well and Dick advised me to come back later on that day and everything would be arranged then.
And so we did.
Barry indeed arrived at the time Dick had told us and immediately approached us and took all the time to talk with us.
He was very interested in my story and we also got the opportunity to ask him questions.
After taking a number of photos it was finally time to say goodbye to Barry as well.

Barry giving his autograph in front of the studio
Linda Gibb, just leaving

The visit to Yvonne at her home and the meeting with Barry at the studio have been two indelible experiences to me.

After the death of Maurice I only had one goal: compiling a Tribute Book and presenting it.
This goal has helped me through a very difficult time of my life and has given me the strength to keep on fighting and to never give up.

I herewith would like to thank every one for his or hers contribution to this Tribute Book.
Without all your contributions it wouldn’t have been possible to present these Tribute Books.

Last but certainly not least – special thanks- on behalf of Yvonne, Barry & Robin.
To them it has been a tremendous comfort to know that so many people are with them in their thoughts.

Rosalien Beks