Bee Gees back at Keppel Road

Hello Marion, my name is Veronica Hannam also known as Vicky. I was privileged to have spent my young years always in the company of Barry Gibb and his sister Leslie in their younger years, along with other friends Christine, Bertha, Glenda and Eric. Most of them lived in Keppel road, Chorlton. Barry always had a makeshift guitar with him and entertained us every evening and school holidays. In fact I even entered a singing competition with him needless to say who won but I did come second. We were always very good friends all of us in our teens until eventually I left the area to get married and lost touch.

Unfortunately when we moved from Chorlton Cum Hardy, The Brothers had also moved away, so with marriage, babies etc. and crises in my life sadly I didn’t follow the boys’ whereabouts. I did try to find a fan club but wasn’t very successful. The only lovely and (obviously now) special memories were of Keppel road and their house because Barry’s parents were often busy with their music with the band at nights and sister Leslie was baby sitting. Leslie was a very caring person. So we all stayed together most nights. As we were all approaching our teens we weren’t allowed to go very far anyway as our parents were very strict in those days. So we hung about with Barry, Leslie and friends: Bertha Horrocks, Christine Hammet, Glenda and Eric Briggs (his sister was older and blonde and we used to sing to her in fun ‘Hiltone shade lighter look she’s got a full engagement book’, which was an advert for hair dye at that time).

Of course Barry will remember Sabastion in the attic window, weird but in a nice way. If Barry sees this he will remember him! We had so much fun. Barry, of course being the star even then. The most wonderful memory for me which will stay with me forever was a talent competition at the local hall. We entered together for fun and we were both very nervous. I sang Marion Ryans: ‘Love me forever as I love you’ I thought I was great but of course who won? Barry of course but I did win a tin of sweets! What started out as a bit of a laugh has now remained a precious memory; singing with the famous Barry Gibb! I wonder if Barry still remembers what song he did during that talent competition! I cannot but think it would have been an Elvis or Tommy Steele song as he was always posing standing on the garden wall playing his make-believe guitar. It was around 1958 and little did he know how famous he would become.

When The Brothers later on came back to Manchester to visit their home in Keppel road I was ill with cancer and sadly didn’t see them but my husband was there however he was to embarrassed to speak to them. The air was blue when he came home I can tell you.

I hope Barry still remembers us and those days. The twins were only babies then and now sadly only 2 brothers are left. I was in hospital again with cancer when Maurice passed away and that was almost hurt as much as being ill.

I am so happy they have been so very successful. We are so very proud of them. I am well now and at 65 yrs. so happy I shared part of their life even if it was only a small part we have our own dedication to them in my family and my children were in wonderment when they were old enough to understand.

I only hope one day The Brothers might see this and laugh at what we did. Barry knew he would make it big and he did. His parents were also good musicians.

I wish I could see them again when they visit Manchester next July! Please pass my good wishes for continued success and good health to them. Thanks Marion.

Vicky, (real name in those days Vennie, or Veronica Tucker).

“How Can You Mend A Broken Heart”
Barry solo (1st verse of Ray Charles “You Don’t Know Me”)
followed by a finale of “You Should Be Dancing”…..

The Silver Heart Event at the Palace Hotel in Manchester.
(copyright Variety Club website)

Maurice’s expert musical direction was missing. As Barry said, -Mo was the gel-, but the hugging and appreciation of between each brother on stage suggests that there might be more to come…..
Great to see them together on stage: There is something missing, but the essence is still there and it’s still pure magic!…..
Hearing the two of them was wonderful. Every time they perform, could be the last time, so every time is precious. I`m grateful I got -one more time-…..

Many fans finally had a chance to get an autographed photo of the Brothers and then there were these 3 boys from Italy: the Bee Gees cover band from Italy, who finally saw their wish come true: meeting the reel Bee Gees!

For some photos / articles on the internet visit: (Report by Justine Mills).

The Silver Heart Event at the Palace Hotel in Manchester. (copyright Variety Club website)
The souvenir booklet made for the event with lots of great photos, stories and many congratulations to the boys by music organisations and friends from the music business such as Olivia Newton John and Beyonce.

Marion / GSI
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