Virtual Album Release Special with Barry Gibb

By: By Denise Wiggins, December 17, 2020.

Denise: “Today’s special SiriusXM Outlaw Country
Virtual Album Release Special with Barry Gibb
was truly exceptional.

As one of 40 invited guests, we had the privilege and exclusive opportunity to hear the full album (45 minutes) as presented by Capitol Records and the radio station. The 12 tracks with phenomenal country artists specifically chosen for each timeless Bee Gees song, was priceless and award-winning. The new deviations on these timeless songs and a few rarely heard until now, will be an incredible treat for the global fans. We transitioned into a live Zoom Town Hall with Barry, Shooter Jennings, Dave Cobb and was surprised with country artists Gillian Welch, David Rawlings and Jason Isbell, who all collaborate on the album. We also had a quick photo shoot at the start and will be gifted a copy of the pic in a few days! Songs were played from the album and the extra treat of watching Barry listen to them really spoke volumes. He is a gift to us all and his heartfelt song lyrics not only stir our souls, but do for him too. The album, Greenfields, drops 1.8.2021, and offers such beautiful harmonies as well as emotional connections to their timeless songs. All of them are fabulous, but a few of my favorites are …

1. Words of a Fool with Jason Isbell
2. Too Much Heaven with Alison Krauss
3. Words with Dolly Parton
4. To Love Somebody with Jay Buchanan
5. Butterfly with Gillian Welch, David Rawlings

Sir Barry shared memories, experiences and how Words of a Fool never seemed to take flight beyond sound checks. Thankfully, everyone is in for a treat now that it’s found new life on the album. The song Butterfly was written in 1966 and conveys such love for the time of innocence and freedom. The radio station allowed us to submit questions for Barry and 10 were selected, including mine, however time ran out before it could be asked. My question (#9) was: Who has been the one person, outside of family, who has had a profound impact on your life and why? All told, it was a really special 75 minutes together and it was such a wonderful holiday gift. SiriusXM Outlaw Country recorded it all and will be packaging it up to air at a later date. Stay tuned in to them to catch it. Anyone can pre-order the album now from your regular music purchase sites. Bravo to Sirius, Capitol Records, Barry and the guest artists … well done!! Props to Stephen Gibb who was just out of video sight sitting next to his Dad and who honestly prompted the start of the country album fast track when he played music by Chris Stapleton and it ignited a spark in Barry to shift in gear and make it a reality.”

GSI: “We mentioned about this event 2 days ago on the GSI facebook group after we suddenly heard about the plans. There’s a topic about this virtual album release on the group and if you were one of the 40 happy fans who were invited for this Zoom Release then please share your thoughts and comments below the topic on GSI facebook group. There you will also find more photos and video of the event.”
Marion / GSI