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Hi Bee Gees Lovers!


I’m maintaining this site with my husband Gerard to honour The Brothers Gibb but in fact all of you can help us by contributing; articles, photos etc. to this website.

I first met the Gibbs in the early seventies and since then they’ve really brightened up my life. I’ve had the pleasure to get to know the Gibb Family personally and have already enjoyed many wonderful concert events through the years as well. Next to that I feel proud to have been able to do fan work for The Bee Gees for such a long time and after the death of Maurice and Robin Gibb I’ll continue to keep following the career of the last man standing: Barry Gibb. For many years I’ve been a board member of the huge “B.G.I.” fan club and have helped publishing the “Lamplight” newsletter (in Europe) which later on became “The Spirit”.


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I started my International GSI website December 1st. 1999 and it’s good to see that lots of fans as well as people from the music and show business find their way to my website and my email address every day again. I’ll try to help them all specially by staying in touch with management, assistants, friends and family of The Gibbs.

With the website: “Gibb Service International” I’d like to continue the Bee Gees and Brothers Gibb fan work I’ve been doing for so long already. To all Brothers Gibb fans I’d like to say: Enjoy this site and please help building it up and letting it grow! It’s supposed to be a site made with the assistance of each and everyone of you. So please do write me and contribute to this website with interesting BG items, reports, photos, ideas etc. Your advertisements and all other items of which I’ve decided to publish them on GSI, will be put on the website for free! Just send an email!! “Gibb Service International” is a gift to the Gibb Family. To honour the late brothers Gibb (Andy, Maurice and Robin) and the work of The Bee Gees as well as to help Barry and his family to keep the Bee Gees music alive for ever.

We Are One big BG family.

For Your Information

Since late 2012 GSI also has a Facebook group you can become member of. Go to www.facebook.com and press the button to become free member of: GSI, Brothers Gibb and Bee Gees info. Here you can have contact with over 22.000 other Gibb fans and the group provides 24/7 updates, photos, articles, videos etc.

This website will be updated regularly too but there's no time nor possibility to do this as often as on the GSI facebookgroup.

GSI is in touch with management, assistants, friends and family of the Gibb Family and try to give you the latest news at all times.

This website contains a real online newsletter called: "WE ARE ONE". (see Newsletter section on the front page of GSI). Free to read for everyone.

There are special parts on this website being a tribute to brother Andy Gibb as well as Maurice Gibb and Robin Gibb.

The website also includes a special section about one of the Bee Gees tribute bands called The Italian Bee Gees, as they are paying tribute to The Brothers Gibb music already for so many years, perform in many different countries to keep The Bee Gees music alive and are personal friends with GSI.

No copyrighted articles / photos / creations on this web site may be reproduced for use on the Internet or in any magazines without a written permission beforehand from both GSI and the owner of the material. Copyright information (when known) is always clearly mentioned on the GSI pages, unfortunately we do not always know the copyright info. Therefore: if you see your photo on the website without copyright info please contact me so I can add the info or, if you wish to have the photo taken down; let me know too.

We hope you'll like this website. Be sure to contact GSI with questions and suggestions, through my email address and if you are interested: bookmark the address www.brothersgibb.org and visit here whenever you like!!