The Thame Museum in Thame, Oxfordshire, honors Robin Gibb and his Bee Gees brothers: Barry and Maurice with an amazing collection of memorabilia which is growing and growing.

Today, August 30. The renewed exhibition was opened by Robin’s widow Dwina together with the Thame Major. Dwina Gibb is also patron of the museum. Of course we give a huge thank you to Dwina, Robin John, Megan, family and friends for making today’s Opening of the permanent Robin Gibb Gallery such an overwhelming success.

According to the ladies of the museum: “It was an amazing day, the 4 grandchildren of Robin loved it, RJ and Megan were in awe of what was created. Dwina was beautiful and fabulous as always with all the fans and volunteers and will be bringing up more items this week! Robin’s dressing gown, one of the special items, arrived only 15 mins before the opening.

Dwina and family didn’t leave till 4pm, and were off to The Thatch, it was a very memorable day”.

More photos and videos I hope to have in a while. Be sure to come and visit the museum to watch this special collection. Admission always is free.


Marion-GSI / Official Bee Gees Fan Club