Latest from Miami Beach to GSI about the Bee Gees Biopic film

This photo (from Instagram: John Branca) was taken yesterday in Miami at a Universal Music Group conference where their executives from all over the word gathered. They invited Barry to have a chat in front of all the delegates with Jody Gershon the head of Universal Music Publishing. Graham King, the producer of the Bee Gees biopic, was invited to join them on stage to chat at the end.

Concerning  the Biopic…  Now that the Sag /Aftra writers’ strike is over the producers hope to have a script to present to the 3 Gibb families for their consideration before the end of the year and assuming the actors strike has also ended by the time they have an approved script, could start casting next year. This biopic will celebrate one of the greatest and most decorated groups of all time.

I have heard that the Biopic is a work in progress and Barry is very involved and happy how things are going regarding this matter!!


-Marion-GSI / Official Bee Gees Fan Club