Dwina Murphy-Gibb, November 12, 2023
One of her writings: TO SERVE
With A Stilled Mind

To serve with words is an easy task
When the tongue is unleashed and the world unmasked
But the greatest voice of all is that of the stilled mind
When light arises and bathes humankind
The soul laps up silence and peace reigns supreme
Those who serve with an elevated stage
Will calm all tears, fears and rage
To cast away the blame and bury the shame.
The soul will respond to be seen and redeemed
In purity of thought the mind will soar
And cause others to fly from the cottage of sorrow
To rejoice and embrace the happiness of tomorrow
Then when the volcanoes erupt, and the earth tremors rise
And man tries to destroy all from the darkening skies
Know that the deep silence within will loosen the ties
And take us in one moment to contentment divine
With the awakening soul-power of the purest mind.
Dwina *

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