Kennedy Honors – Barry’s speech

….Without my brothers, I wouldn’t be standing here. I salute Maurice, Robin, and Andy. We were a family of music and a family of love.”…

“Well, I am not a bow tie person. I’ll say that right away. So the moment that I can take this off, I will take it off. And I’m not the only one in this room that feels like that.

What an amazing introduction from the leader of our industry, Clive Davis. I have looked to him many times for his opinions, for his musical insight, and for his own personal history, which is staggering.

To be in this room, if you have never been in this room, it is an awesome experience because I get to be in the corridors of power. I once met a gentleman who said, you don’t know what that’s like until you get there. And I feel like tonight I’m here.

Everybody in this room is illustrious, diplomatic, and instrumental in the workings of our country and in creating peace. And I only have two words that have meant something to me for the last couple of years, and that is kindness and understanding. And we seem to be losing that. We’re losing it in the rest of the world, and we need to grab it back as quickly as possible and as peacefully.

Mr. Secretary, you play the guitar, right? And I’m very, very proud to have met you. I never thought for a second the Secretary of State would even speak my name. And that was a shock. It was an electric shock to the system. I thought, you know. Wow.

So here I am in this room full of all these incredible people, the other wonderful Honorees have earned this award. I salute you all. I really do.

My brothers and I loved the Mills Brothers. We met the Mills Brothers one day and that set our life in motion. We never really looked back after that because we loved their harmonies and we loved their music.

So for me, I’m not Billy Crystal. I can’t make everybody laugh as much as Billy can. Renée, I’m never going to be able to sing like you do. I admit it, but *in high voice* I can still do it. Maybe I shouldn’t anymore, but I chuffed. But so thank you all, this is the most incredible honor of my life. Without my brothers, I wouldn’t be standing here. I salute Maurice, Robin, and Andy. We were a family of music and a family of love.”

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