Marion: “In answer to some of your recent questions to GSI, I today received some latest updates
from Miami.
– First of all many have asked me lately how Barry and Linda are doing….. They are both doing well !!

– Concerning the Kennedy Honors…. This event and award is only presented to the living…… and while a very special feeling for Barry will in effect be a celebration of Bee Gees’ Music which he has acknowledged and has mentioned his brothers in all related interviews the past years.

– Barry and Linda will be present together in Washington on December 3rd. of this year.
Not sure yet who else of the family might be going as early indications are that each honoree is only
allowed 4 immediate family members.

– Concerning this summer, … Barry has no plans to be in England this summer. “
So far the answers to your questions

Marion / GSI – OfficialBeeGeesFanClub