Dwina Gibb talks with Johnnie Walker, October 14, 2023.

Dwina will do an exclusive interview with Johnnie Walker on Sunday October 22nd. Johnnie, a legendary British DJ, was a close friend of Robin Gibb. They first met in the late 60ties.

Johnnie Walker’s show is called The Sound Of The Seventies and Johnnie will welcome Dwina there on Sunday afternoon October 22nd from 3 pm. ( British Time). I guess it will be a very touching conversation as Johnnie and Robin had a similar sense of humour and he was one of the last people to interview Robin for BBC Radio 2 back around 2010/11 .

Of course there are also a number of Bee Gees songs planned to be aired in between the talks. You can hear the show via BBC Radio 2. see the online links for the show:

As with most BBC shows I think you can listen to them on the BBC I-Player . Just every one….: go to the shows site to share your positive comments !!
So join, listen and enjoy October 22nd.

That same night as you know Dwina will have her very special Evening With Dwina Gibb event with family and friends in the theatre of Thame, which everyone around the world who wasn’t able to get tickets to be there live, can watch via a streaming ticket. See info on the Thame Museum site: https://www.thamemuseum.org/

-Marion-GSI / Official Bee Gees Fan Club

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