An Evening With Dwina Gibb, October 22. 2023.

After quite some time of planning, talking, arranging and preparing it finally was last weekend a weekend Bee Gees fans had been looking forward to for a long time. Many gathered in the lovely and peaceful town of Thame for paying tribute to The Bee Gees music and particularly to visit Robin’s resting place as he is buried in Thame where he lived so many wonderful years with Dwina, son Robin John and family. Also very special is the museum of Thame which had already quite some attention for the famous Bee Gee who had lived here and the music of the group but recently the museum even opened a Robin Gibb Gallery as well. The volunteers who are running this lovely museum were so honoured when Mrs. Dwina Gibb became patron of the museum earlier this year too.

The future of this museum looks great with more and more fans from all over the world visiting and knowing that the Robin Gibb / Bee Gees collection will be refreshed every now and then with new items to show with special thanks to Dwina.

This weekend there even was more to enjoy in Thame. There were the countless chats during arranged dinners between all kinds of fans, the visits of everyone to Robin’s resting place and the visits of many fans to the museum each day…… : October 22 everyone gathered in the little theatre of Thame to enjoy a special Evening With Dwina Gibb who was in conversation with Mr. Paul Gambaccini about Robin Gibb, The Bee Gees, Dwina’s meeting Robin Gibb many years ago and of course about The Bee Gees music. With talks, videos, music and photos we went through the career of the group and in between Dwina told some anecdotes which had taken place during that impressive career of Robin and his brothers Barry, Maurice and also Andy Gibb of course. There were happy moments in the conversations and emotional moments too. There were only some anecdotes as Dwina later told me when we visited her at home:

“ I had loads more very funny anecdotes too, but no time to go through them or to talk about so many lovely family memories in Ireland instead of the troubles. I was always grateful to Robin who despite the troubles always came back to be with my family. But those things and so much more will be in the book!.”

The book Dwina is referring to is the autobiography she’s writing at the moment about Robin and his life with The Bee Gees and privately, which Dwina is doing by listening to the countless cassette tapes Robin recorded through his life with so many stories. So we are all very much waiting for that but this – Evening With Dwina – was certainly a teaser for what’s coming when the book is ready!!!

While preparing for the Dwina event it wasn’t sure whether RJ would participate too, due to some personal matters. I have had some talks with him while being in Thame last weekend.

Shortly before the event it became clear he couldn’t be there for sure as 2 days before he had the misfortune of braking his right foot while falling over some children toys of little son Oli. So: … visit to hospital and wearing an inflatable support-boot and hobbling around on crutches for a while for him…

Robin John wishes to say:…. lots of love to all the incredible fans, whom I so wish I could’ve performed for tonight. I hope they’ve had a wonderful evening, I send them my very best wishes. Let’s hope for an other event in near future……

The complete contents of the talk with Dwina you can hear by ordering the special link via the Thame museum :

Talking about another event …..

I can tell you: the ladies of the museum and GSI are already planning a new fan get together, hopefully around the same time next year.

So fingers crossed. Meanwhile please continue supporting Thame Museum. It’s a charitable trust and entirely run by a team of volunteers. Check out their online shop for merchandise. The museum has free admission.

Keep following the official social media platforms of: The Bee Gees / Robin Gibb / Gibb family members and Thame Museum to keep updated on news and more plans.

Music unites us!

More photos about this Thame Weekend soon, on GSI website and GSI Facebook group.


-Marion / President, Official Bee Gees Fan Club (GSI).