Family Birthdays – February


Last month we celebrated the birthdays of: 

February 6,  Angus Gibb (son of Stephen and Gloria)

February 10,  Gloria Gibb

February 14, Julian ( son of Sam and Paul Landin)

 February 16, Molly ( first wife of Robin Gibb)

 February 23,  Adam (son of Maurice and Yvonne Gibb).

Congratulations!!! We hope they all had a wonderful birthday.

(more photos etc.  on our Facebook group)

-Marion / President Official Bee Gees Fan Club (GSI)

(Photos: Angus with his dad Stephen, Gloria, Julian with his mother and father, Sam and Paul. , Molly with Robin, Adam.)

Angus Gibb 
(son of Stephen and Gloria)
Gloria Gibb
Julian (son of Sam and Paul Landin)

Molly ( first wife of Robin Gibb)

(son of Maurice and Yvonne Gibb)

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