Italian Bee Gees Band And Singers (2021).

Danilo Chiarella
(bass guitar)
At the age of 17 Danilo learned to play bass guitar. In 1998 he started to play in cover bands and released his first album in 1999. Since 2001 he played in different groups on stage and worked as a studio musician for national artists in Italy. He also gives lessons at music schools.

Roberto Ventura
(lead guitar)
Roberto was born in Calabria (Italy) in 1983. He is guitarist and teacher for modern electric and acoustic guitar playing. Since his intensive music studies and various strong musical influences, he is considered a great and very versatile musician. In the past 20 years he did a lot of experience in live concerts with Italian and international artists. Roberto became member of the Italian Bee Gees in the summer of 2019.

Antonio Chiarella
Born on January 1984, he began to learn music in ’97. He made long seminars, over ten years of musical activity playing in various band formations of various kinds, from rock to disco, from reggae to electronics; at the end of summer 2013 he joins the Italian Bee Gees! Drum teacher at several academies, delights in changing the world sitting behind the drums.

Roberto Risorto
Born in 1986, he began studying classical piano at the age of 8. Since 2001 he began playing with Live bands continuing jazz studies. In 2012 participates in the Berklee Summer School at Umbria Jazz Clinics met with good success. Currently he worked with several Italian national artists . Proud to be part of a new adventure as keyboardist of the Italian Bee Gees.

Laura Ugolini
She was born in Rome and studied modern vocals and ended her study very well with a certificate in 2010. She sings with Italian artists and works for TV shows. In the last couple of years she got experience by being actress and singer in several international musicals. Since 2005 she sings and tours with The Italian Bee Gees.

Letizia Mongelli
She studied modern vocals at the conservatory of Messina and gives singing lessons on different schools in Rome and Milan. She works as a singer in musicals and TV shows and works for famous artists both in studio as live on stage.