Italian Bee Gees Band And Singers (2021).

Massachusetts - Das BEE GEES Musical Reset production:

We would like to present to you one after the other, all the artists taking part in our 2015 Massachusetts Tour!

1. Walter Egiziano (vocals)
Walter is the oldest of three brothers (born in 1969 in Paola). His strengths lie in playing the guitar and singing in falsetto. He has 2 daughters together with wife Loredana. Already as a kid, he had posters of the Gibb brothers plastering his bedroom walls and Bee Gees Music was to be heard all over the house. In 2000, he joined his brothers and started singing and interpreting the songs of the original British band, with huge success.

2. Davide Egiziano (vocals, guitar) Davide was born in 1974 in Paola and is the middle brother of the three Italian Bee Gees. At the age of 15 he was professionally playing the piano and performed in numerous bars. He has been living in Rome since 2001, studied music and also writes his own pieces. In 2004, he completed his work on a yet unreleased CD: There are 10 singles on “Sono Storie”, of which the single of the same name extremely excelled at the “Festival del Garda”.

3. Pasquale Egiziano (vocals, guitar)
He is the youngest of the three Egiziano brothers (born in 1977 in Paola). Even as a small boy, he took guitar lessons. Like his brothers, he also is an avid performer and a passionate fan of the music of the Bee Gees. Apart from the songs of the Bee Gees he loves listening to other kinds of music as well, with one condition: There has to be authenticity to the music that can be felt.

4. Blue Weaver (keyboards)
Blue, was born in 1947 in Wales.The British keyboardist, songwriter and music producer was a permanent member of the Bee Gees from 1975 – 1982, and until 1980 was also to be seen in global live shows of the Gibb Brothers on stage as well as co-producing several Bee Gees songs. This was one of the most successful eras in the Gibb Brothers career. In the States they managed to tie the record with “The Beatles” by having six consecutive No. 1 hits. The soundtrack “Saturday Night Fever” also managed to write music history.

5. Laura Ugolini (vocals)
Laura has been a part of the Italian Bee Gees ensemble for “Massachusetts” and as a singer on stage since 2005. Born in Rome, she studied modern singing and completed her studies successfully attaining her diploma in 2010. In addition to performances on Italian TV shows she was seen primarily as an actress and singer in various international musical productions. In addition to her commitment as a singer with the Italian Bee Gees, she is also working on her very first solo album.

6. Letizia Mongelli (vocals)
Letizia has studied vocals at the Conservatory of Messina. As one of the most popular singers of the Italian music scene, she has been seen in many musical productions and television shows. She also works as a singer in the studio as well as on live concerts. Her great experience lies as a vocal coach at various schools in Rome and Milan as well.


7. Danilo Chiarella (bass guitar)
Danilo is a full-blooded musician, who has already learned to play the bass at 17. In 1999 he released his first album. Since 1998, he has played in various cover bands and participates in many productions and ensembles on stage and at the studio. Simultaneously, he is busy passing on his musical experience to his students at various music schools.


8. Antonio Chiarella (drums)
Antonio was born in 1984. At the age of 13 he had already began his musical career as a drummer and since then has been in several bands of various genres such as rock, disco, reggae and electronics on stage. He also taught drums at various academies. Since the summer of 2013, Antonio has been playing with his brother Danilo (bass) in the band of the Italian Bee Gees.


9. Ivan Avicolli (guitar)
Born in 1982, Ivan taught himself at the age of 10 already how to play the guitar. Over the years he has perfected his technique through lessons with renowned music teachers and participated in numerous training seminars with national and international artists. He completed his musical studies with a diploma. Ivan has since worked with many bands of different genres of music together in the studio and live. He was also involved as a guitarist on various soundtracks. For Massachusetts, he can be seen on stage together with the Italian Bee Gees.


10. Roberto Risorto (keyboards)
Roberto was born in 1986 and learned to play classic piano at the age of 8. After school, he opted for a music degree in jazz music. Since then he has worked at workshops such as the “Berklee Summer School” in the “Umbria Jazz Clinics” and can be seen together with many Italian artists and live bands on stage. As a keyboardist Roberto is part of the “Massachusetts” family and contributes wonderfully to the great sound of the show.

11. Patrick Dudek (choreography / dance captain / dancer)
Patrick is a dancer, choreographer and beat boxer with passion. Since the age of 15, Patrick has taught nationwide in workshops and dance groups. He is primarily known as the best dancer “John Travolta Germany” having won the competition “Disco Fever – Germany’s best John Travolta Double 2002” . With Dance Act he has already toured Germany, Europe and Asia. For Massachusetts, Patrick brings the perfect groove to the show with his dances and choreography as he joins the Italian Bee Gees on stage.

12. Nadine Sudler (dancer)
Nadine graduated successfully from the “Dance & Arts Academy” in Mainz in 2011. Since then, she has performed at numerous theater stages in the country, such as the State Theatre in Wiesbaden or the Dortmund Theater, and managed to acquire extensive stage experience at renowned musicals like “Evita” or “Hair”. She also attended a number of workshops with coaches in New York and Munich, to bring her dancing skills to perfection. She teaches jazz dance currently. Together with Patrick Dudeck, Nadine brings the “Bee Gees” feeling on stage with her dance performance in “Massachusetts”. She also supports Patrick with the development of the choreography.

13. Jesse Garon (autor, director)
Born in Berlin he completed his studies for acting, dramatics and scenography in his hometown. His professional career includes engagements in Karlsruhe and Leipzig as well as many premieres in the greatest theatres in Berlin. 2013 he wrote the libretto for “Massachusetts – The Bee Gees Musical” and was responsible for the production. On the stage you can see him as the BBC Radio DJ Brian Goodwood.

14. Ronja Geburzky (dancer)
Ronja Geburzky will be dancing for the first time at our Massachusetts Tour 2015! Born in 1992, Ronja has quite a few stage experiences, for example, at the Kay Ray Light Night Show in 2012 and at “The Frog Prince” in 2014. Apart from that, she also plays the piano and the guitar! A multi talent!! We are very excited to have her on our team.

15. Jessica Klammerer-Georg (dancer)
Our new talents continue with dancer Jessica Klammerer-Georg she will also be dancing for the first time at our Massachusetts show at the 2015 Tour. Jessica studied Modern and Contemporary Dance at the Dance Academy in Berlin between 2004 and 2007. She also walked on fashion shows, danced at the Tour of “Laura’s Star” and was also to be seen at Dieter Meier’s video “Annabelle”. We are very excited to have her on our crew.

16. Björn Geske (actor)
The role of Bee Gees Manager Robert Stigwood will be played by our new actor Björn Geske. He had quite a few theater roles, for example, in “The jungle Book”, “The snow queen” and “Madea”. He was also to be seen in a few TV ads such as those for “The royal Bank of Canada” and “Lockheed Martin”. He also sings and plays the guitar! Judo, fencing and volleyball are some of his other hobbies. Wow! Another multi talent! We are so excited to have him on our crew.

January 2015