The Brothers Egiziano sing and play The Brothers Gibb

Three young brothers being huge Bee Gees fans started to sing and study music, to be able to perform their favourite Bee Gees music and share it with all other fans. They asked friends to join and to form a live band. Now they are already doing successful shows for many years all around Europe and in America. They are different from all the other -so called- tribute bands and do not impersonate The Bee Gees but just sing the Gibb songs live for their audiences with all their heart being true fans themselves. They do not pretend to sing as good as The Bee Gees, they do not try to mimic them or look like them or dress like them, that’s not the most important thing for them…… for them important is: their unconditional love for the Bee Gees music which they enjoy to share with their audiences with lots of enthusiasm and passion.

Walter Egiziano
He was born in Paola on May 20th. 1969. He’s the eldest brother in the family and is married to Loredana. They have 2 beautiful daughters: Maria Teresa and Aurora. As a child he already fell in love with The Bee Gees. His bedroom walls were completely covered with posters of the Gibb Brothers and from the record player on his room, their music spread all through the house. He plays the guitar and has a natural inclination for falsetto which he discovered at the age of 25. In 2000 in order to participate to ‘Momenti Di Gloria’ Walter followed the advice of a Mediaset musical consultant and he started to try with brothers Pasquale and Davide to interpret a Bee Gees song: “Staying Alive”. That was the start of the career of the three Italian brothers.

Davide Egiziano
He was born in Paola on November 10th. 1974. He was the first one who went into the music business when he started playing in a piano bar at the age of 15. He moved to Rome in 2001 to study and write music etc. and there he also met Laura, an Italian singer from Rome. Laura became one of the backing vocals of The Italian Bee Gees. In 2004 he finished a still unpublished work of which he is the author and interpreter. A CD project of 10 songs called after the single: “Sono Storie”, (Sono Storie) with which he is awarded the 10th edition of the “Festival Del Garda” in 2005. (scroll down for photos Davide).
At the moment Davide lives in Germany but regularly of course visits his hometown and family in Italy as well.

Pasquale Egiziano
He was born in Paola on July 14th. 1977 and is the youngest of the brothers. He learned to play the guitar when he was still very young. He listens to any kind of music. The Bee Gees are number one but next to that he has no special favourites. ‘Songs must give emotion and any artist can be an author’. In June 2012 he married Alessandra. In June 2013 they became parents of daughter Elisabeth and in June 2015 their second child was born, a son named Raffaele. The third and youngest child was born in March 2018, their son Alberto.

The Egiziano Family in Rome
The three young Egiziano brothers.
5th birthday of Pasquale, 1982