May 12th – 2004
Honoring Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb

Barry and Robin came back to Manchester to receive a Degree In Music from the University of Manchester. They also received one for their brother Maurice. The three brothers became Doctors In Music Later that same day Barry and Robin were present at the opening of a new studio in Chorlton – Manchester. This studio is named after Maurice and from now on will be called: The Maurice Gibb Recording Studio. Below photo material as well as some of the many articles written about these two major Events inwhich Barry and Robin were honored together with their brother Maurice.

1 Barry leaves for the University
2 Robin leaves for the University
3 Tribute, the Gibb Brothers in their gowns
4 Degree In Music, during the ceremony

Doctors in Music, Barry and Robin Gibb, May 12th. 2004.

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Bee Gees Robin and Barry Gibb were returning to their roots on Wednesday to open a school recording studio named in memory of their brother Maurice.

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Web site of the Chorlton High School