Letter from Dwina to GSI and the fans.

‘Dear Marion,
It is a sad week full of poignant memories for our immediate family and the Clan Gibb. We will always miss Robin, especially his humour in the house and the wonderful creativity at any time of the day or night. I got a lovely letter from Molly (Robin’s first wife) hoping we were all okay at this sad time of the year. Spencer and Melissa both called and we spoke of how much everyone missed Robin. Many fans visited from all over the world and placed little mementos on the grave. RJ and I placed a heart of red roses and reminisced for hours, in disbelief that it has been two years. Megan and RJ gave a footprint and handprint from Maxwell to the grandfather he had never met but would always know. Because of the floods in Oxfordshire (we had swans swimming in our garden) and the fact that there are nine layers of tombs below the level of the local churchyard, perhaps from the time it was a Royal Minster Church for the Saxon Royalty in the area, we have had to wait until the ground settled so that we could erect a stone for Robin. It is interesting that Robin wore an Anglo Saxon King’s ring for many years, a gift I had given to him shortly after our marriage. We have commissioned a special slate stone from a mountainous area of North Wales, a place we visited frequently on our way to Ireland. Robin had both sentimental and historical reasons for particularly going to this place. A well-renowned artist and stone mason, Martin Cook, who has been an award winner at the Chelsea Flower Show is carving it. It will be put on his resting place soon.

We apologise to friends and fans that it has taken so long, a circumstance of hindrance beyond our control, but the result will be simple, unique and worth the wait. The album 50 St. Catherine’s Drive is almost ready for a Summer or Autumn release. The songs are brilliant and beautiful. Baby Maxwell at ten months is crawling and trying to walk, saying little words and smiling all the time…such a happy baby. He loves being in the sunshine on a rug in the garden and wears a little hat because his skin is so fair and his eyes are so blue. He is teething like mad. He loves books and turning pages, especially a huge atlas with big pictures of the world. I think he thinks the world is a blue ball and he tries to pick it up from the page, not quite understanding why he can’t do so. He will hand out his toys generously but likes to hold on to his books. He also loves the telephone and lifts it to his ear to listen. R-J is working on his music for an album. I love how eclectic he is with composition, from pop and R&B, to classical, to jazz, to house and film scores. Many of you do not know this but R-J is also an accomplished illusionist, mentalist and magician and recently entertained some veterans for the occasion of their their annual fundraiser. He will be posting some of his work soon so that you may see it. I am writing a second play: another comedy, and I have finished another Regency novel which will be available soon called The Lady’s Dilemma. Many of you seemed to enjoy Pandora’s Dilemma. I received some lovely letters from friends and fans showing their appreciation. Thank you to all who read and enjoyed it.

Love and best wishes, Marion.