The Bells of St. Mary's (For Robin)

The bells of St. Mary’s ring once more
We celebrate your life today
The one who gave all anyone could ever dream for
Let the bells for you chime
We remember you, you are reborn for all time
You pass by in honor on your final journey
On your way to rest from life’s trials so stormy
We don’t cry alone, or mourn in vain
We celebrate all that you are, grateful you have no more pain
You will live forever through music and good deed
The bells of St. Mary’s peal today, even though our heart does bleed
We salute you Sir Robin, as you travel by
Smiling through the tears that we cry
Because you would want it that way
Laughter and good memories amidst our grief
The bells of St. Mary’s call through the heavens for you
Our hero, our Knight, our Prince we bid you a final adieu
We will always adore and love you

Shelly Welson, In Memory Of Robin Gibb

(according to Hazel Gibb, niece of The Bee Gees, they really rang St. Mary´s Bells shortly before the ceremony started: ´l can reveal that Justin and l rang the bells at St Marys before he set off, we did a mad dash to the bell tower a quick ring then back again before we set off´).