Robin In Loving Memory

May 20th. 2015
Three years without Robin
We have his music forever to enjoy and we cherish all wonderful memories of him. GSI will never forget him.

Fan questions about Robin’s headstone.

Many fans have asked me questions the past week concerning Robin’s headstone.
In a personal letter Dwina explained me yesterday a bit more about the song titles on the headstone of Robin about Saint Cecilia and How Can You Mend A Broken Heart mentioned twice

Back side of headstone with song titles.

She mentioned that they chose many of the songs because Robin’s vocals were remembered so much on them…..
And also she said that Robin loved the songs and they all meant something special to him in the calendar of his life.
She wrote me:
There were only so many that could be portrayed of course, out of hundreds, but primarily we had to keep within the rules of the Church, a Grade 1 listed building, and try to keep it artistic but simple. The lyrics shown had to have some spiritual or religious significance, and the name Bee Gees was placed discreetly at the top to show authorship of the songs and not to detract from the fact that it is Robin’s resting place. Dwina also mentioned to me that it is unusual to get permission to decorate both sides of a Headstone, but they wished to display some of Robin’s life’s work in some way and the family was grateful to have that permission granted. Dwina told me the stone is for all time, and it entailed over 500 hours of carving.

The classical image of Saint Cecilia is at the top of the front of the Headstone, because she is the Patron Saint of Music, and Robin, after visiting her tomb in Rome, carried a small stone from it in a cassette tape box for many many years.

How Can You Mend A Broken Heart appears twice on the curve of two ribbons to emphasize how the family feels.

Church of St. Cecilia, Rome
Tomb of St Cecilia, Rome