A poem by Margaret Moores

Here’s a new poem I wrote for Robin, which summarize my thoughts as we approach the soon coming first anniversary of Robin’s death. I simply cannot believe it is nearly a year since that very sad day! And like many of us, I feel that I’ve lost a portion of my youth and my life with his passing. Nevertheless, I do know that Robin would want all of us to look to the future and hold our loved ones dear and close, especially as we see the tragedies like we’ve recently seen in Boston.



I finally let myself cry,
No longer will I fight,
The tears must come to light,
Some way,
All must turn to the dawn of day!

I must thank God
for the Robin of Springtime,
Who tells me it’s another day to sing,
Another day to inspire,
Another day to love and hold close,
All that is near and ever so dear,

And what can I say but thank you,
for reminding me,
I do not need anyone’s permission,
To finally let myself cry….

Margaret Hodge Moores
5, April, 2013