Tourmanager Mathias takes a photo of IBG and Blue Weaver, (© Roberto Risorto).

May 2014

Tourschedule April – May
April 2nd. 2014 / 19.30 / Fulda: Orangerie (Maritim Hotel)
April 3rd. 2014 / 19.30 / Mainz: Phönix-Halle
April 4th. 2014 / 20.00 / Mönchengladbach: Kaiser-Friedrich-Halle
April 6th. 2014 / 19.00 / Oberhausen: König Pilsener-Arena
April 7th 2014 / 20.00 / Münster: kleine Münsterlandhalle
April 24th. 2014 / 20.00 / Gossau SG am Bodensee: Fürstenlandsaal (Switzerland)
April 25th. 2014 / 20.00 / Winterthur: Kongresszentrum Parkarena (Switzerland)
April 26th. 2014 / 20.00 / Chur: Stadthalle (Switzerland)
April 27th. 2014 / 20.00 / Bern: Kursaal Arena (Switzerland)
April 30th. 2014 / 20.00 / Emmenbrücke: Zentrum Gersag (Switzerland)

May 1st. 2014 / 20.00 / Biel: Kongresshaus CTS (Switzerland)
May 2nd. 2014 / 20.00 / Zürich: Kongresshaus (Switzerland)
May 3rd. 2014 / 20.00 / Interlaken: Kursaal Auditorium (Switzerland)
May 4th. 2014 / 20.00 / Basel: Stadt Casino Musiksaal (Switzerland)
May 6th. 2014 / 20.00/ München: Circus Krone (Germany)

Some reviews, photos and video material etc. of this part of the tour:
Newspaper review Mainz
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April 3rd. Mainz
Blue Weaver: ( keyboards): ‘It was an amazing night. The standing ovation I will remember forever’!
Danilo Chiarella: (bass guitar): ‘Ieri sera un grandissimo pubblico, Last night a huge crowd. Standing Ovation per i Fratelli Egiziano e Blue Weaver……grazie Mainz’!!!!!

Allgemeine Zeitung:
By Benjamin Schaefer
Bee-Gees-Musical “Massachusetts” füllt Mainzer Phönix-Halle
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April 6th. Oberhausen
Marion: Not far away from where I live so we decided to drive to the concert in Oberhausen to see the show again: me, my husband, youngest daughter and her partner. We visited rehearsals first and then enjoyed again a great show. For my daughter and friend it was the first time they saw the Massachusetts show and they enjoyed it very much too and at some point we all danced in front of the stage. Afterwards we waited until the meet and greet was over and had some nice time together again with our friends and the whole team in a restaurant nearby. In the middle of the night we drove home: another great day with good music and wonderful people.

Newspaper review Mainz Click to enlarge
We arrived at the hall for rehearsals and were impressed how big it was. (© Nadine Sudler).

Photo report of  Oberhausen  © A. and D. Wange (8 images)  
Ivan Avicolli: (lead guitar): ‘3000 persone circa, gran serata! about 3000 people, great evening!’

Fan review
The music but above all, the film and photo scenes on the big screen brought back tremendous memories. The voices of the singers were almost identical to the originals. What we liked best was the moderator. He has done a professional job by presenting the whole show. Congratulations on a successful event.

April 7th. Münster
After the show in Münster their was another break and April 24th. the Massachusetts Tour continued in: SWITZERLAND.

 The Swiss part of the tour went great as well and was mostly SOLD OUT!!

Performance in Gossau

Some more reviews
April 24th. Gossau:
Super show with nostalgic flair; fresh and peppy moderated and the voices of the 3 Gibb copies simply awesome…; almost better than the original…!

April 25th. Winterthur:
Can only say: a successful presentation with chicken skin effect and moist eyes. Absolutely tremendous how these three guys performed, so close to the original! The atmosphere was phenomenal, we were torn from the chairs to dance along! I love to see it again at any time.

April 26th. Chur
It was sensationally good. The three Italian Brothers sang super. The moderator has done his job very well too and, in addition, he has a sensational voice as well.

April 30th. Emmenbrücke
I was looking forward to Bee Gees songs! The 3 Italians are rightly called: The Italian Bee Gees! great voices! Unfortunately the acoustics in the room was not up to the level!

Davide sings tribute to Robin Gibb, pure emotions

Fan Oliver Bertschinger at meet end greet in Zürich

May 2nd. Zürich
* Fantastic. I had a super evening. First row, so close and thank you for keeping this music alive. Next time in Zürich I will come again to enjoy the show.
* Saved By The Bell: my favourite song in the musical. Great performed by Davide!!
* Hope your complete Swiss Tour is as good as in Zürich. Wenn are you coming back to Zürich to play again ?
* Zurich, pure emotions when Davide sings: Saved By The Bell.

May 4th. Basel
Patrick Dudek (dancer)
‘Stehe gerade kurz vor dem Auftritt zu “You should be dancing” in Basel/Stadtcasino – Great audience, great venue, great Music… Let’ s do it!!!’

Danilo Chiarella (bass guitar)
‘Un grazie al pubblico di Basilea davvero fantastico,grande feeling e una meritata standing ovation per Mr. Blue Weaver…….’

Massachusetts team and Nice Time productions about the Swiss part of the tour.
* Letzten Sonntag endete unsere Tour im Stadtcasino Basel. Wir sind froh und überglücklich, dass alles geklappt hat. Wir schauen auf eine erfolgreiche Tour zurück. Wir danken euch allen für die gute Zusammenarbeit und die tolle Zeit die wir zusammen hatten!
* Last Sunday our tour ended in the Stadtcasino Basel. We are glad and happy that everything worked out. We look back on a very successful tour. We thank all of you for the good cooperation and the great time that we had together!

Organizer in Switzerland:

Goodbye and thank you Switzerland (copyright Nice Time productions)

Back to Germany for the very last concert of this 2014 Massachusetts tour.

May 6th. München
In München there was a very special venue: Circus Krone

Danilo Chiarella (bass guitar)
“Massachusetts last Show tonight Tour in Munich, this year it was amazing together we are a force and I carry with me every moment of these 4 months around Europe.Thank you all!!!”

Fan review München: Anja Wange
It was beautiful in Munich. The band and the crew were fantastic, one of the best shows ever ! There were many surprises: Alessandra (wife of IBG singer Pasquale) was in the audience. Pasquale dedicated the song “Words” to her. They officially dedicated “How Deep Is Your Love” to their Papa, who passed away in March, it was very emotional!! For the encore at the end of the show the audience stomped loudly with their feet to ask for more, they didn’t want the band to go. Danilo, Davide and Roberto had funny hats on the head at the end, which they’d brought earlier the Switzerland… We want to quickly return to MASSACHUSETTS.

Foto report of  München  (6 images)  

Munchen. © Blue W.

Newspaper review

Quite a job each day to get ready for another great show, here shown in 90 seconds!!
Thanks to everyone involved to make the Massachusetts Show possible !!!

More than 4 months, 46 shows, 3 countries, 23,000 miles, tens of thousands of enthusiastic visitors!! Thanks to all of you for visiting this second successful tour of “Massachusetts”!
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We see us 2015!

The Massachusetts team: ‘untill next year’!!

Groups photo in München