The Italian Brothers and all of their friends in the band and the crew have been enjoying some time off at home and are now ready to go on the road again. Here are some impressions of the last part of this 2013 tour through Germany.

After each show The Brothers and Blue take time to meet with the public.

10 April 2013
Italian Bee Gees:
Leaving destination Germany! last part of Massachusetts, das Bee Gees Story. Last 18 concerts….. See you there, Tribute To The legend goes on…… Ciao….

11 April, Minden
Davide Egiziano (member of Italian Bee Gees)
Show 35/52 just done ! Thank you Minden … Tomorrow 1500 in the audience in Magdeburg !! Show 35/52 appena finito ! Grazie Minden …
Domani ci aspettano in 1500 a Magdeburgo !! Italian Bee Gees & Blue Weaver Tribute to the Legend

Emiliano, the drummer for this third part of the tour. © Lisa Lotte
Everyone is always playing with so much passion and fun: Fabrizio, Danilo and dancer Patrick in the back ground. © Lisa Lotte

Laura Ugolini (backing vocalist)
In the midst of this third and final part of the tour with the Italian Bee Gees….. Yesterday big night in Minden!!
Mindener Tageblatt

12 April 2013, Magdeburg
Letizia Mongelli (backing vocalist)
Again with the Italian Bee Gees family on the road. Last night during the show in Minden I was Cinderella and lost my shoe!

Blue Weaver
Back on the road again. Last night in Minden, what can I say, yet again a fantastic audience. Thank you Minden…

Audience review
It was an unforgettable evening. The audience were dancing and standing on the chairs. We felt like in the old days. It’s a great show and The Italian Brothers sing with so much feeling. It comes right from the heart. Thanks for a great evening

13 April 2013, Bamberg
Audience review
The Italian Bee Gees sound very much like the original. The are just great singers with a very good band. Also we loved the John Travolta dancer! It was very nice to see and hear about the Bee Gees history. We’ll certainly visit Massachusetts again when they come to our area next year.

Massachusetts: Das Bee Gees Musical
An amazing audience tonight: thank you Bamberg

"Bounce Dance Company" backstage in Bamberg
Laura sings her solo Immortality to honour Maurice. © A. Wange
The Story Of The Teddy Bear!. © A. Wange

14 April 2013, Heilbronn
Letizia Mongelli (backing vocalist)
Beautiful yesterday evening in Bamberg. Enthusiastic audience. And now it’s off to Heilbronn.

15 April, Stuttgart
Audience review
We were so surprised. We just never had thought it would sound so great. The brothers from Italy really know how to perform and you can see they love what they sing. Blue was great too! Super.

Dancer Patrick Dudek as Tony Manero. © A. Wange.

24 April 2013, Düsseldorf
Laura Ugolini (backing vocalist)
It was just an evening Night Fever in Dusseldorf ….. beautiful but as always!!

25 April 2013, Duisburg
Laura Ugolini (backing vocalist)
Bellissima serata a Duisburg!!! Grazie…
Beautiful evening in Duisburg! Thank you…

Videos from Duisburg 2013
Saved By The Bell


6 April 2013, Trier
Marion / GSI
So good to see all my friends again and enjoy another wonderful night of BG music in this oldest city of Germany: Trier. Some of us were suffering from the flu but nevertheless it was a great show and afterwards of course time for a chat and a bite to eat, together with the whole team.

27 April 2013, Rotenburg
Hersfelder Zeitung

Letizia singing her solo If I Can't Have You. © A. Wange
Thanks Berlin, © A. Wange

02-03-2013, Dortmund
Marion / GSI:
Close to home, so surely we wanted to visit the show of our friends again in Dortmund. Had a great night!! So special during this concert tour is the fact that after each show the boys take the time to spend some moments with the fans, the audience who is interested in meeting them at a meet and greet for a signed photo, a CD, or simply to chat some words or have a picture taken with the Italian Bee Gees and Blue Weaver.

Duisburg, another successful show from backstage. © Lisa Lotte

28 April 2013, Halle
Letizia Mongelli (backing vocalist)
Beautiful audience tonight at Halle. Tomorrow we would expect Berlin.

29 April 2013, Berlin
Davide Egiziano (member of Italian Bee Gees)
Tonight show 50/52 at Tempodrome in Berlin. Stasera concerto 50/52 al Tempodrome di Berlino. Italian Bee Gees on the road, A Tribute to The Legend.


30 April 2013, Cottbus
Letizia Mongelli (backing vocalist)
Il tour Das Massachusetts sta per concludersi . ieri Berlino alla grande. Domani day off tutto da godere… visita alla città e sauna in questo albergo meraviglioso.
The tour Das Massachusetts is ending. Berlin yesterday. All day off tomorrow to enjoy … visit the city and sauna in this wonderful hotel.

1 May 2013, day off
Day off to relax and to visit Berlin.

2 May 2013, Hoyerswerda
Letizia Mongelli (backing vocalist)
Oggi ultima data Tour in Germania ” Das Massachusetts ” Grazie di cuore a tutti coloro che in questi mesi sono stati la mia famiglia!
Today last date Tour in Germany “Das Massachusetts” heartfelt thanks to all those who in recent months have been my family!


3 May 2013
Massachusetts – Das BEE GEES Musical
It’s done! 52 shows with nearly 50 000 spectators. What a great experience! What an amazing audience each night! THE ITALIAN BEE GEES, BLUE, Patrick, the band/singers and the tour-crew: We all wanna say thank you to each of you. Thank you to Anja and Detlev from our fan-club for their fantastic support. And thank you to everybody that you remember the wonderful music of BARRY, MAURICE, ROBIN and ANDY. We promise you by heart to return in 2014.
New Dates coming soon. Stay tuned and have a nice summer!

The Italian Bee Gees about: Blue Weaver
This man has shared stage and music with The Bee Gees, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Barbra Streisand, Andy Gibb, Queen, Stevie Wonder, Chicago …. After a Tour spent together, we can say that behind the great artist there is a even greater man. Thank you Blue, for every moment you have given us in 4 unforgettable months, and thank you for making special every note played together.

Blue Weaver about The Italian Bee Gees
These 3 brothers they do not impersonate! if they did I wouldn’t be playing with them, that is the reason I haven’t played with any other ‘Tribute Bands’. The Italian Bee Gees they are special!.

Celebrating Blue Weaver's birthday (© S. Gralla).

The public who in the old days enjoyed the real Bee Gees and their hits now is taken on a nostalgic wave by the Italian Brothers. When the brothers invite former Bee Gees keyboard player Blue Weaver on stage and together play and sing the huge disco hits the audience explodes and everyone starts to dance in the hall. With Stayin’ Alive, there’s also coming a complete dance group on stage (Eleven der Kultur- und Tanzwerkstatt Würzburg: Leitung: Katharina Lehmann). During Pasquale’s very moving ‘Words’ it’s getting quiet, arms move in the air and lighters light up in the hall. The whole show is hosted by Jesse Caron, a BBC reporter who tells to the audience the story of the Gold Boys in Pop music, in between the live music.
Reinhard Glaab.

Click for photo report of the Würzburg show

Audience review
For audiences who grew up with The Bee Gees and their music there’s not so much to go to in theatres these days. The Massachusetts show however was a lovely surprise for us. A chronological travel through the career of one of the best groups ever, performed very, very well by 3 (also) brothers from Italy with their wonderful live band and backing singers. A great show which deserves to get much more attention by German press and much more advertisement through the country as many people here in Germany have no idea this tour is going on and you should all see this!!!

12-3-2013, Siegen
Davide Egiziano (member of the Italian Bee Gees)
German Tour 2013, concert 32/52, March 12. 8 hours in the bus for 240 km, snow…traffic jam..and car accidents on the highway. Late arrival at theatre. Directly on stage without sound check and… Great Show !!! Thank you all for the incredible job…
The Italian Bee Gees Rock !!! 😉

Letizia Mongelli (backing vocalist)
This day that seemed not ever finish has come to an end. After doing 240 km in almost 8 hours for accidents and roads blocked by blizzards in Germany we managed to make the show even though with an hour’s delay. Thanks to the public of Siegen who waited. An applause to all technical … Jo Pa Bateman, Michael Kuhna, Lars Kuhnt, Melanie, Mathias Mantzke, and us, Walter, Davide Pasquale, Blue Weaver, Danilo Chiarella Ivan Avicolli Laura Ugolini Antoni Gaudio, Fabrizio Saullo….. and thanks to Ermelindo that took us safely. Good night

13-03-2013, Alsdorf
Audience review
Beautiful, all these old Bee Gees songs. When you sometimes closed your eyes you’d the feeling you were listening to the real Bee Gees. The Italian brothers know what they are doing and know how to entertain the audience and sing the Bee Gees songs with so much feeling which comes from their hearts, it’s moving!

Video by “SaturdayNightWeaver” The Massachusetts concert show 2013

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The Italian Bee Gees: We hope to welcome you at one of our upcoming shows of this year or during the new Massachusetts Tour of 2014!! Until soon…ciao!

Thanks all for coming and until next year