After another break the group started performing again May 8th. in Leverkusen. And each concert there’s lots of great Gibb music on stage and enthusiastic people in the audiences. A wonderful rest point always is the medley when the 3 brothers gather around that one mike to sing some wonderful melodies with not much more instruments than their voices and a guitar like:
– Lollipop (the only one not really Gibb written but for fun because the young Gibbs used to sing this one often too)
– Run to me
– Lamplight
– First of May
– Time is passing by – later replaced by: Islands in the stream
– Pensiero d’amore
– World
The whole show is a wonderful combination of music and dance, glitter and colour.

The tour moves on from Leverkusen to many other places in Germany almost untill the end of the month.

The Egiziano brothers sing and play together with Bee Gee legend Vince Melouney

May 9. 2019. – Euskirchen Report: The Massachusetts Show in Euskirchen

May 15. 2019 – Giessen
A newspaper article of the Massachusetts show in this city.

May 16, 2019 – Monchengladbach
The last time we were able to visit the tour this year. We arrived at the hotel about the same time the tourbus did and after we’d checked in we joined a number of the team downstairs to talk a bit and have something to eat and drink before leaving for the venue. We watched most of the soundcheck and enjoyed again a great show at night. We cannot get enough of these wonderful Gibb songs. The set list and show had not really changed since last time and Thomas the moderator smoothly guided us through 50 years of pop and rock with countless great Gibb compostions. The Italian brothers always say that it is so hard to make a set list as there are soooo many good songs to choose from. They could play on for many hours but only have a little less then 3 for the show. They would love for instance to also include a number of those less known Gibb songs which are of course real famous amongst the fans as they all are so beautiful…. The audience always gets up and down the chairs, standing, singing along and even dancing. Time is flying each concert night and afterwards the audience loves the meet and greet to get a chance to have a short talk with the artists, get a signed photo and maybe a special photo taken with the artists. After the audience has all left for home the bus with us and the team leaves again for the hotel. Back there…. Some time for more talking, some drinking and…. after 12 o’clock we could celebrate omnomastico for IBG singer Pasquale!! That’s: Name Day and specially celebrated in the south of Italy.

Mama Maria Teresa, has arrived in the tour to join her sons and their friends.

Koln, May 17, 2019.
The morning we used sitting around with some of the team in the hotel. We then went for a short visit to the city center and early afternoon we lunched together with some of our friends before popping in the bus again, a bit earlier, because of the always busy traffic in and around Koln. Again a familiar venue for us and for the group at the River Rhine in Koln. Theater Der Tanzbrunnen. Some guests would come to the soundcheck and concert today to meet with me and the Italian Brothers, something to do with future concert plans for later this year. Again tonight a hall full with enthusiastic people. And again a night with so much wonderful music and many moments to get goose bumps. Extremely happy I was to hear this tour again the complete and full version by Blue Weaver of the Songbird song with beautiful intro, an amazing composition performed by him and the Egiziano Brothers.

The next morning May 18
We first said goodbye to our friend Laura of the IBG who had to leave for a short visit back to Italy to join as singer in another huge concert tonight! Today we also gave Walter Egiziano his birthday present and a big hug for his 50th. birthday as on his special day the 20th. we are already home again due to other family commitments Later in the morning we all gathered in the hotel hall to say goodblye to everyone again when the bus left for yet another concert place…. Untill soon!! One and a half hour later we were home again: Three wonderful days….Great concerts….. new friends… interesting special guests in the audience…. lots of fun, talks, drinks… until late at night…. I will miss you guys and girls.
The tour goes on for one more week….

All together on guitar..... happy moments on stage during the last Massachusetts show of this year in Gera, Germany.

May 25. 2019 – Gera
The end station of this years tour was the show in Gera, hometown of the production of this show. In this last week of the tour the mother of the Egiziano Brothers had joined her boys and travelled with them from town to town enjoying, being proud and having fun!!! Maria Teresa was introduced during the shows to the audience, which of course all the times were very emotional moments !! At the end of the last show tourmanager Frank joined the band on stage playing guitar with them and of course there was a thank you for all the artists but also for the wonderful Italian technical team and…. Mama Maria Teresa came on stage too.
It was the end of yet another great tour.
See you again: March 2020 in MASSACHUSETTS.

More photos on facebook.!
Marion / GSI, June 6th. 2019.