Friday 24th. July 2009 Part 3
The Italian Bee Gees of which GSI already reported earlier in our Covers And Rarities edition number 9 have realized that miracles do happen when July 24th they finally met the real Bee Gees! Here’s what they wrote to GSI about this event.

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Manchester, July 24th 2009
Walter Davide and Pasquale Egiziano meet Barry and Robin Gibb

Miracles do happen…

Our passion in music brought us to our greatest dream: meeting Gibb brothers, stage name of the “Bee Gees”, and thanking them to live! Unfortunately, as everybody knows, on the January 12th 2003 Maurice passed away, but everything that they did is now, and it will be, an indelible page in the History of Music. We are talking about a Legend, and what happened on the 24th July was extraordinary. We were conscious to have the chance to meet exceptional people, as we know that their Discography is a heritage of the mankind, but we received the confirmation (whenever it would be needed) that from the human point of view they are warm persons and wonderful people as well. Barry and Robin, in the magnificent setting of the Manchester Palace Hotel during the celebration of the 50th anniversary of their career, welcome us with love, with their warmth smiles, making us feeling to be in familiar terms with them, and to finally achieve what we feel for them, how much we cherish and are fond of them, and how their songs are not only music and words but a very lifestyle for us. Feeling their fondness, their helpfulness and getting to know from them that they already know us is an unforgettable experience; the dedication to all of us from Barry (“To our friends come from far away”), on the notes of “To Love Somebody” will be imprint in our minds and in our hearts.

A picture, or a video movie immortalize an instant, but the emotions we have had with Barry, Robin, Mrs Barbara (their mother), Yvonne and Adams (Maurice’s wife and son) are a corner of heaven we have had the good luck to visit, taken by the hands from our guardian angels. Our tribute to the legendary Bee Gees has led us to play their songs with respect and professionalism, and from the 24th July on, we feel more and more responsible, because their glances make us realize that we are running through the street in the right direction. We are proud to have met musical genius, our idols, but we are prouder because what we imagined, dreamed as we were children, and in particular, their concreteness, fairness, and their disarming greatness, are irrefutably real: we embraced the more and more dazzling and enchanting Legend.

We handed over them a letter, in which we wrote that, while the Bee Gees were coming to the world on the Isle of Man, the World was smiling because he knew that their angelic voices would send positive messages in all the corners of the universe. We are proud to be a part of the Bee Gees Universe, and to have lived magic emotions in Manchester with our wives, Laura, e Loredana, and with all our beloved friends Mario, Giovanni and Iolanda; we are keen we met special people such as Rosalien and Piet Beks and to realize that our profound love for the Gibb family is heartily reciprocate. Thanks, thanks and thanks to these masters of Music and Life for all the emotions they made us a present of, and for the emotions we believe they can still give us.

With love, Walter, Davide and Pasquale Egiziano, “The Italian Bee Gees”