“The Italian Bee Gees (personal friends of GSI. They first contacted me in 2003) have a special section on this website where you can find all the information about the group. They love helping to keep the Bee Gees legacy alive because they simply adore The Bee Gees music and love singing Gibb compositions live on stage with their band. We have a list with all kinds of tribute/cover bands on our GSI link page next to the IBG, but for me the Italian Bee Gees are different from all the others. They do not impersonate The Bee Gees but sing the Gibb songs live for their audiences with all their heart and soul. For them important is: their unconditional love for the Bee Gees music which they enjoy to share with their audiences with lots of enthusiasm and passion.

This is also the reason why former Bee Gees band member Blue Weaver some time ago chose The Egiziano Brothers to work with and to perform the Bee Gees music once again on stage with these three brothers. I think there’s no way anyone can ever copy The Bee Gees in what way ever. Their voices and sound are unique. So why try?! That’s why I am not the biggest fan of those type of tribute groups who try to act, sound, speak, walk, dress etc. like our Gibb Brothers. I am more impressed by a group like the Italian Bee Gees who are a good band performing the Gibb music with heart and soul live on stage, that’s to me more important.

Even Barry mentioned in an interview that he loves to see other artists sing their music: – Barry: ‘I always get a kick out of someone else singing our songs’! I personally think he’s not that fond of artists who try to impersonate him and his brothers in every way on stage. I also believe that artists shouldn’t need to look and act like the Gibbs but in the first place try to keep that wonderful BG music alive.”
This GSI section of The Egiziano Brothers and their musical friends
is a celebration to The Brothers Gibb Music.

Click Contact informationThe Italian Bee Gees
Click for Italian Bee Gees face book page:
Click biography The Italian Bee Gees
Click information Italian Bee Gees Band and Singers

Next Concerts 2023 (Pdf)  Last updated: April 23 2023.

News, articles, photos etc

News from 2000 until 2013
(scroll down for older postings)

April, 21 – 2023
Announcement Poland concerts
The Poland concerts planned in May, have been postponed.
New dates are confirmed:
December 11 / 2023 / 19.30 / Lódz: Klub Wytwórnia
December 12 / 2023 / 19.00 / Warszawa: Arena Ursynów
December 13 / 2023 / 19.30 / Opole: Stegu Arena

Marion / GSI, April, 21 , 2023   

March, 24 – 2023
Click here to go to the News page and scroll to: March 22- 2023, to read more.
Also visit the Report of the Legacy – Denmark Tour

Marion / GSI, March 24 , 2023   

March, 22 – 2023
Legacy concerts Denmark, celebrating the Bee Gees Music.
Click here, to go to the News page of March 22 to read more.

Concert Hillerød, copyright Heather Gibb
left: concert Hillerød, source Royal Stage. RJ. with left Pasquale Egiziano and right Davide Egiziano
right: concert Randers, copyright Heather Gibb

Marion / GSI, March 22 , 2023   

January 21 , 2023
Legacy – Celebrating The Music Of The Bee Gees

Robin John

In March the first Legacy concerts are planned: in Denmark with The Italian Bee Gees and band, Robin John Gibb, Vince Melouney and Blue Weaver.

Info and tickets Denmark concerts
March 16 / 2023 / 20.00/ Hillerød: Royal Stage
March 17/ 2023 / 20.00 / Randers: Værket
March 18 / 2023 / 20.00 / Aalborg: Kongres & Kultur Center

Magnificent hit parade with the Bee Gees’ best songs!
Together with a strong team, Robin-John Gibb, son of Robin Gibb, has created the ultimate tribute to his father and uncles.

It is with good reason that Robin-John Gibb, son of Robin Gibb, calls ‘Legacy’ the most authentic Bee Gees tribute out there. He himself is behind the show together with the three Italian Egiziano brothers; Pascual, David and Walter.

The three Egiziano brothers have been playing the Bee Gees’ great songs for years, and their tribute show was both known and respected by the Gibb brothers, which is why they were an obvious choice when Robin-John wanted to do his own, ultimate tribute show to his father and his three uncles.

Like his father, Robin-John is also an accomplished artist, as he is not only a singer, but also an actor, multi-instrumentalist and composer. Robin-John is behind the production of the show, but will also be on stage with the Egiziano brothers and their musicians, who will be accompanied by Blue Weaver himself, who co-wrote and played keyboards on countless of Bee Gee’s hits.

Look forward to experiencing some of the biggest hits from the Bee Gees: You Should Be Dancing, Night Fever, I Started a Joke, Massachusetts, How Deep is your Love …. and many more!

Note: This event has been moved from 3 March 2022 to 16 March 2023. All affected ticket buyers have been contacted by Ticketmaster.

Robin John

Start the evening with a delicious 2-course menu in Restaurant Royal at 18.00:
Hake with fried mushrooms.
Herbs and diablo sauce.
To this, home-baked bread.
Loin of animal with stuffing of pheasant and serrano ham.
Butter-fried cabbage and mushrooms, pickled carrots, celery puree.
Fries Anna and port wine sauce.
Purchase additional menu here

Break drink.
Avoid queuing during the break for refreshments by pre-ordering our so-called break drink.
The break drink is served in a separate room/area and includes the house wine, beer and soda as well as snacks during the break.
Buy an additional break drink here

Prices from:
Concert: DKK 420.
Menu: DKK 295.
Break drink: DKK 60
All prices are excl. Fee
More updates about the Legacy project plans soon on GSI!!

Marion / GSI, January 21 , 2023  

January 2 , 2023
Happy New Year!!

A new year has started, also for our Italian Bee Gees who played again in their own restaurant to all the guests celebrating at New Years Eve. Tour manager of the boys Jacek Pryt and his wife visited the south of Italy too to celebrate with the brothers and their family and other guests.

After the group had finished their first Polish tour end of November they did one more performance in their home land Italy on December 11th. in The “Raffaele Gervasio” Auditorium at the beautiful town of Matera.

I hope to have more information soon about all the plans and concerts for 2023 but I can already tell you that the earlier posted 2023 concert list will probably get some changes. Photos and video material on the IBG Face book group of GSI:

Pasquale with the guests from Poland, Terese and Jacek Pryt.

November 30. 2022.
Poland Tour 2022.
The first real Poland Tour of The Italian Bee Gees has come to an end. Time for the whole team to go back to family and friends to enjoy the Holidays and…. To look forward to the new shows of 2023. As I earlier mentioned there had been some changes in the tour plan and more Polish shows probably will follow next year. ( more info soon and also more photos, videos etc. always on our Facebook page for The Italian Bee Gees :

On stage during this tour: The 3 Egiziano brothers: Walter, Davide and Pasquale with Blue Weaver, Letizia Mongelli, Danilo Chiarella, Roberto Risorto, Roberto Ventura, Vincenzo Infusino. Also thanks to Francesco, Michel and everyone off stage of technics and crew as well of course as tour manager Jacek Pryt.

It were all shows without a break and this was the set list:


Although the times and situations for many at the moment are very difficult it is good to see that my friends climbed the stage again to bring some joy with their live performances keeping the Bee Gees music alive. We should dance and enjoy and hope for peace soon!.

November 20 2022, Poland, Our Egiziano brothers and tour manager Jacek advertise for their new tour, just before the first concert.
Walter, Pasquale, Letizia, Davide
The whole team in Poland. .

Like the brothers said themselves: “Leaving and going far to find people and a people that fills your heart … so it should be all over the world … NOW! Thank you Poland ……. To all the wonderful audience who came to see us, and to the impeccable staff who worked for our first Tour in Poland, “Dziekuje bardzo”! (Thank you very much). We will see you again soon!!”.

There were good fibes and wonderful audiences during the tour: Abbracci e sorrisi da The Italian Bee Gees a te!!

Marion / GSI, November 30, 2022   
( keep following us on Facebook).

November 12, 2022.
The Legend Of The Bee Gees in Poland
First upcoming concert, Poland – Wydarzenie on November 20. Start show at 19.30.    https://netto.arenaszczecin.Netto Arena

Italian Bee Gees, Netto Arena, Wydarzenie

Latest info on the other dates of this tour:
November 24, 2022 / 19.00 / Wroclaw: “Orbita”
November 25, 2022 / 19.00 / Zabrze: Dom Muzyki i Tanca.
November 26, 2022 / 19.00 / Warszawa: “Arena Ursynów” ? ?
November 27, 2022 / 19.30 / Poznan “Sala Ziemi”
November 28, 2022 / 19.30 / Gdynia: “Arena”
News, changes and updates concerning the concerts in 2023: soon!!

Marion / GSI, November 12, 2022   
( more info on the Facebook group: ).

October 1, 2022.
Next tour to Poland
The Italian Bee Gees visit Poland in November and then will tour again with Blue Weaver. It will be the last tour of this year.

Tickets and info:

Marion / GSI, October 1, 2022

Italian Bee Gees summer concerts 2022
Also this year, now Covid restrictions luckily are gone, the group did a number of concerts during the summer in July, August and September in Germany and Italy.

Germany: July 2 in Premnitz, Brandeburg and in Italy on July 15 (with Blue Weaver) again: Sardinia: Forte Village Resort as well as shows in San Lucido (August 3), Ostuni (August 5), Coreca – Amantea (August 22) and Spezzano – Sila ( September 12) and during the Oktoberfest in Rende ( September 22).

IBG concerts. ready to perform in Sila.

For lots of more photos and videos visit the IBG/GSI Facebook page:

Marion / GSI, September, 2022

For lots of more photos and videos visit the IBG/GSI Facebook page:

Marion / GSI, September, 2022

May 28. 2022
Massachusetts on tour, 2022. Part 2
Like earlier mentioned the concert in Norderstedt had to be postponed to next year. Due to a flooding, the venue couldn’t be used. The team had some extra time in Berlin before the concert there took place on May 18.

Like every year the Tempodrome in Berlin was again a place to gather and to enjoy the Bee Gees music. video clip:

Followed by the concerts in Potsdam and the last one of this small 2022 tour in Halle.

The Potsdam concert was kind of special as it was here where the Italian Bee Gees ten years ago started their yearly touring through Germany!!

Pasquale asked Anja Wange to come on stage in Potsdam and to film them there:

The last show was in Halle. Here some photos made by fan: Volker VondemBach
Later this year there will be more Italian bee gees concerts again, I will keep you posted.

Marion / GSI, May 28, 2022

May 17. 2022
So sad! No concert could be given on May 16 due to a flooding in the venue.
The new date for the Norderstedt Massachusetts concert will be May 17, 2023!!
The tickets and seats remain valid.

Marion / GSI, May 17, 2022

May 7. 2022
Massachusetts on tour, 2022. Part 1

Unfortunately still due to the Covid situation it wasn’t possible to do the whole 2022 tour like earlier planned, so many concerts have been re-booked to early 2023 and people can use the earlier bought tickets for these events of course.

This means the Massachusetts tour of this year is a short one but the artists are soooo happy being able to perform for you again and I have been visiting them at the opening show in Dusseldorf which was again…. a party!!

It was great to see them all happy and healthy on stage performing our beloved Bee Gees music and it was so good to talk with everyone again , hug and laugh together, after two long years.

This first part of the tour they travelled to: Dusseldorf: April 25, Stuttgart: April 26, Frankfurt: April 28 and Ilsenburg: April 30.

Now they have a break and they will continue on May 16 in Norderstedt, followed by Berlin, Potsdam and Halle. (see tour list 2022).

Our Italian brothers have planned more concerts for this year of which I keep you updated like always in the yearly concert tour lists. There probably come some concerts in Italy and then there is the planned tour through Poland etc.

For lots of more photos and videos of this 2022 Massachusetts tour please like always visit the Face book group at:

Dusseldorf, in our hotel the day after the opening concert. Vince signs my Decades 60ties book.

Marion / GSI, May 7, 2022

April 15. 2022
Italian Bee Gees – Ready For Another Tour
On April 25 a short but great tour will start again for our Massachusetts Team when they all take the stage of the Tonhalle in Dusseldorf. Still due to the effects of all the Covid problems many of the planned concerts received a new date: early in 2023.
For the 2022 tour list click here. For the 2023 tour list click here.
More info and dates when available.

Marion / GSI, April 15, 2022

January 10. 2022.
New concert date information.
* In answer to some fan questions about the 2022 tour list: The updated tour list you can find as always here on the website in the special PDF, including the latest update of the Polish Tour. See poster, The Legend Of The Bee Gees.
* Concerning the 2022 Scandinavian Legend tour (including Robin John Gibb) which has been postponed: these shows probably will be given in March 2023. More info when available.
For lots of more information follow the Italian Bee Gees on Facebook:

Marion / GSI, January 10, 2022

January 6. 2022.
Italian Bee Gees Live CD
I have been receiving questions lately about how to obtain this latest CD of The Italian Bee Gees: “Live At Tonhalle – Dusseldorf – 2019 Live Tour.” If you are interested in buying one, then send an email with name and address to

Marion / GSI, January 6, 2022

November 26, 2021.
Aurora Egiziano, the next generation…. A star is born
She took part in the first 6 concerts of the Massachusetts 2021 tour.
Posted on Instagram her performance of Heartbreaker/Chain Reaction.
For those who have Instagram:

November 26, 2021.

MASSACHUSETTS tour 2021, Germany Part 2


The 2021 tour continues in November. Great shows in Limburg (2), Suhl (3) and November 4: in Dresden, where Polish IBG manager Jacek visited the show and the team. It’s a free weekend now. Time to do all kinds of work which has to be done on tour as well and….. some time of course to relax too.

Massachusetts in Dresden, copyright Jacek Pryt

November 8: Neu Isenburg
Tonight Anja and Detlef visited again and made a great photo report like always, next to them on the front row were other friends Salvatore and Birgit. They all had a great night!

The Massachusetts starts again

November 10: Dortmund
It’s birthday time….
Davide is celebrating his birthday live on stage. “Happy Birthday dear brother” Great show and great audience again.
Happy Birthday Video:

Anja and Detlef with Birgit and Salvatore
The Massachusetts starts again
Dortmund. Photo source Frank Wood

November 19: Hannover
Like November 16 the group was back in Theater am Aegi in Hannover again tonight for the last show of this tour. The group had again travelled crisscross Germany with the Massachusetts Show: Ingolstadt, Chemnitz, Leipzig, Erfurt, Magdeburg, Zwickau, Ludwigshafen, Fulda, Karlsruhe, Baden Baden Limburg, Suhl, Dresden, Neu-Isenburg, Dortmund, Duisburg, Lubeck, Hannover, Rostock, Hannover.

In a very strange time and under different circumstances than usual because of Covid, our friends have finally been…. live on stage again!! Thank you to everyone on stage, backstage and at the office for making this tour possible and thanks for all the music we love so much!! Also we hope that Antonio will be able to take part in the concerts next year again and…. great work Vincenzo for being there to do the drumming this time!! New guitarist Roberto I hope you’ve had a great first time touring Germany with this team and last but not least Aurora Egiziano Cittadino , you were the special star in the first part of the tour. Sorry I missed all this. The year 2022 will bring many more concerts, we are looking forward to that. The concert list for 2022 as far as it is known at the moment, is posted here on the website. I’ll keep you updated.

Until soon and have a good journey home my friends.
Francesco Spadaccino, Frank Wood Wald, Sebastian Franke, and everyone of the crew, backstage, at the office and on the road, as well as Walter Egiziano, Davide Egiziano, Pasquale Egiziano, Laura Ugolini, Letizia Mongelli, Vince Melouney, Blue Weaver, Aurora Egiziano Cittadino, Michael Kuhna, Roberto Risorto, Vincenzo Infusino, Antonio Chiarella, Danilo Chiarella, Roberto Ventura, Svitlana Peter, Sofia Engel, Thomas Hinrich, Melanie Hansen, Diana Pernt, Rafa? Wiewióra and Callum Pearson.

Hannover, copyright Cari CJ
Hannover, copyright Cari CJ
Hannover, copyright Cari CJ

More photos on the Italian Bee Gees fan page: ITALIAN BEE GEES / FRATELLI EGIZIANO Fan Group (GSI) at:

Marion / GSI

MASSACHUSETTS tour 2021, Germany Part 1

October 16, 2021, Ingolstadt
Finally live on tour again!!! After a break due to Covid.
The Italian Bee Gees and their Massachusetts team.
Unfortunately the 2020 tour had to be postponed at the last moment due to the upcoming Covid pandemic but now they can finally perform the shows and have started the premiere show at the Saturn Arena in Ingolstadt.

Idea with Vince Melouney. copyright A&D Wange
Blue Weaver, again on stage with 3 brothers.

Like I earlier mentioned, Roberto Ventura has become the new lead guitarist after we enjoyed for such a wonderful time our dear Ivan Avicolli !!. Unfortunately, and I wrote this earlier, also on the Facebook group, there had some latest changes to be made for this tour when Antonio became ill and had to go home for a while. So thanks to friend and musician Vincenzo Infusino, (living in London where I already had the pleasure of meeting him 2 years ago), the show could go on and Vincenzo came over, rehearsed and rehearsed to take Antonio’s place for a short while. So thankful to Vincenzo he could do this and best wishes for a speedy recovery and a coming back soon for Antonio. Great also to see back on stage my friends Vince Melouney and … Blue Weaver and more familiar faces!! and…. last but not least: we had the pleasure of welcoming in the team the young Egiziano generation: Walter’s youngest daughter Aurora, singing with the team for the first 6 concerts of the tour until Letizia Mongelli will be back again in the team. Letizia now is still working in Italy with her husband in a tv show. So the first shows Laura will have Aurora next to her, how wonderful is that as Laura knows Aurora already from when she was very young. The dancers are this time Svitlana and Sofia who we both know already and the boys are: Luke Vella and Callum Pearson. Moderator like last time Thomas Hinrich.

Laura. copyright A&D Wange

Many more infos, videos and photos posted on the Facebook groups of Italian Bee Gees and GSI.

Walter and Aurora, father and daughter, copyright A&D Wange

October 17, 2021, Chemnitz
Chemnitz, 17-10-2021 It was Full House tonight!!!

October 22, 2021 Magdeburg Aurora Egiziano.
Special item in this 2021 Massachusetts Tour was for sure the first performances with the next Egiziano generation. 

Letizia   copyright A&D Wange

During the first 6 shows youngest daughter of Walter Egiziano performed with the group during the shows. Here’s a special little video clip made by my dear friends Anja Detlef Wange of the emotional performance of Aurora and her father. I remember Walters kids from when they were young and now to see Aurora singing like this, live for a big audience brings tears in my eyes. We hope to see and hear more from her in near future.
Thanks Aurora Egiziano Cittadino

COPYRIGHT of video: Anja Detlef Wange please do not copy nor share without permission of Anja and Detlef, thank you..
Video Walter and Aurora in Magdeburg, October 22, 2021.

October 27, 2021 Ludwigshafen
During this concert our Letizia joined the team, welcome!

For all the other tour photos etc.: visit the GSI Facebook group for Italian Bee Gees

October 27, 2021.

Letizia copyright A&D Wange

September 11, 2021.
It stays in the family
Italian Bee Gees: “With pride, and a lot of emotion, we present Aurora Egiziano.
She will be one of the vocalists for the first 6 concerts of the upcoming “Massachusetts Musical” Tour in Germany.”

Aurora is the youngest daughter of Italian Bee Gee: Walter Egiziano and his wife Loredana.
A lovely young girl when I met her first almost 10 years ago now, has grown into a beautiful young lady who will be performing with her father and uncles on stage this Fall for the first time in their Massachusetts Show in Germany.
I wish her good luck…. In bocca al lupo!!

Aurora Egiziano

September 10, 2021.
The new lead guitarist is Roberto Ventura.

He was asked to become member of IBG after Ivan Avicolli had left the group some time ago. Due to the Covid problems there were no performances for quite some time as we all know. Now I can finally announce that Robert officially has joined The Italian Bee Gees and goes on tour performing with them. He is from Cosenza, Italy and amongst others played with the Italian Bee Gees before, during their summer shows of 2019. I reported about that, here on the Italian Bee Gees pages.

Roberto Ventura

September 10, 2021.

Augustus 25, 2021.
The 2022 Tour through Poland


The Bee Gees Story is a show presented by the Italian Bee Gees. Similar to the phenomenal three Gibb brothers who formed the original Bee Gees, the Italian Bee Gees was formed by the three talented Egiziano brothers. They started their career in July 2000 with the performance of several Bee Gees songs on Italian television. Since then, the brothers have performed over 400 times in Italy, and additionally in countries such as England, Germany, Spain, France, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and even the USA. In 2009, the Egiziano brothers were invited to Manchester, England, to attend a gala concert celebrating the 50th anniversary of Bee Gees music. There they met Barry and Robin Gibb who named them the Italian Bee Gees. The name has been used by the team ever since.

The Italian Bee Gees and their music band continue to present to the public the special Bee Gees sound and stage emotions that only their own brothers can create. It all causes amazing feelings in the audience, and even shivers down the body. Unfortunately, the original Bee Gees are no longer with us, but the Italian Bee Gees cultivate their memory and keep their music alive. An additional attraction of the event is the participation of Blue Weaver, a British keyboardist, composer and producer, who was a member of the original line-up of The Bee Gees in the years 1975 – 1982. During this time, he performed on all recordings and concerts of the band and composed several songs with Barry and his brothers. . Blue has been working with The Italian Bee Gees on stage for five years. Everyone who comes to the concert should sit comfortably and if they close their eyes they won’t believe that they are not listening to the original Bee Gees and then, like John Travola, you want to dance. This concert is not only for fans of The Bee Gees, but for everyone who wants to listen to real live Bee Gees music and dance alongside it. Listen to the band with amazing singers who will take you to a different place and time.

Augustus 25, 2021.

June 1, 2021.
KTT and Robin-John Gibb present:
LEGACY, The Bee Gees music celebration

Finally the first dates can be published and more will follow. The celebration shows of The Bee Gees Music by Robin John Gibb with his friends The Egiziano Brothers (Italian Bee Gees and their band) as well as original Bee Gees keyboard player Blue Weaver and more guests. The first concert dates of this show in February and March are mentioned in the 2022 concert list.

KTT and Robin-John Gibb present: LEGACY, The Bee Gees music celebration !

“The show is the most authentic and thus the only rightful” according to the son of Robin, Robin-John who created the show together with the Egiziano brothers “The italian Bee Gees”.

“The Italian Bee Gees”, that is: Pasquale, Davide and Walter Egiziano, a group known and much appreciated since long by the Gibb brothers. Their “cover show” is unanimously respected and that was the reason why Robin-John thought immediately of these Italian brothers for his show created as a tribute to his father and his uncles.

Just like his father, Robin-John is a complete artist. Singer but also actor, multi-instrumentalist and composer.

Besides taking care of the production, Robin-John will make his appearance on stage next to the Egiziano brothers and their musicians, accompanied by the unique Blue Weaver, keyboard player and co-author of numerous successes of the legendary group….

An exceptional show with the greatest hits of the Bee Gees : You Should Be Dancing, If I can’t have you, Night Fever, I Started a Joke, Stayin’ alive, Massachusetts, Tragedy, Emotion, How Deep is your Love, Love you inside out, To Love Somebody, More than a Woman, Fanny (Be tender with my love), and many more!

LEGACY, The Bee Gees music celebration ! Ready for a legendary evening?

Marion / GSI,

June 1, 2021.

January 14, 2021

KTT Legacy & GSI present
Andrew Eborn in conversation with Pasquale Egiziano (Italian Bee Gees)
More on the KTT page of this website.

January14, 2021.

December 27. 2020

New version of The Bee Gees song “Holiday”

The Egiziano brothers together RJ Gibb and Blue on keyboards performed a new version of “Holiday” in the podcast of the Mexico Facebookgroup, Dec. 26.

Watch the clip at:

December 27, 2020.

December 4, 2020


Italian Bee Gees with Robin J. Gibb and Blue Weaver — Hosted by Rich Jorn
About their lives, their wonderful memories of going live on stage, their living in lockdown ….. and the future plans after Covid etc.

December 4, 2020.

November 30, 2020


Info about upcoming interview from Europe to America:
The Egiziano Brothers, Robin John Gibb and Blue Weaver will participate again in a next edition of: Artists On Lockdown.
The interview will be held on December 4th. at 10.00 am. Central US Time!!
This means: 4:00 pm in London and 5:00 pm in Italy/Germany/The Netherlands.
(Search on the different World Clock websites for your right time zone.)
The interview is organized by Love Productions
and the interviewer is Mr. Rich Jorn

Artists On Lockdown
We enabling musicians to perform online with ticket sales We are passionate musicians looking for an effective solution for fellow musicians world-wide who have been effected by Covid-19 lockdowns. Artist Lockdown is a platform that helps artists setup high quality live performances with ticket sales, from their living rooms or from one of our partner venues. Click the link to watch the interview on dec. 4th.:

Source: Marion / GSI

November 30, 2020.

November 21, 2020

RJ GIBB & THE ITALIAN B-GEES – New 30 Second Commercial
From Love Productions, Inc

The Italian Bee Gees, RJ Gibb and….. guests
Legacy The KTT Concept
The exclusive representative, organizer of our Legacy concert tour in the USA, 2022:
Love Productions Inc.
400 West 43rd Street, Ste 10R
New York City NY 10036, USA.
+1 (212) 714-9197

All info:

November 21, 2020.

September, 2020

Ciao everyone!
Italian Bee Gees: “After more than 6 months…. the band is reunited. These are difficult times in some ways incomprehensible, but we are still here. One for all and all for one … with music in our hearts…. what are you waiting for?!
Hopefully we can give you the 2021. concert calendar soon Italian Bee Gees …
Music never dies ‘…”

Soon more about the Italian Bee Gees plans!!
Ciao Walter, Davide, Pasquale, Danilo, Antonio, Roberto and… Roberto!! Until soon.

September, 2020

August 6, 2020.

Silke Scherf passed away.

Sad news today for me, The 3 Egiziano brothers and everyone of the Massachusetts Team.
Thanks Silke Scherf for being our friend and enjoying with us the Massachusetts Shows in Germany.
Thanks also for the wonderful photo reports you made of the Massachusetts shows to use on GSI website and GSI facebook.

A silent travel companion, with whom we have shared many miles and a little bit of life over the years. The memories remain, and the emotions you managed to capture in the beautiful photos you gave us. Ciao Silke. (Davide Egiziano)


If you look at my left hand there is a name: Silke Scherf … One of the sweetest people I’ve ever met …
She followed us on all our tours with beautiful photos and always gave us her smile …
“In silence you joined our band, our dreams … and in silence you left …”
Rest in peace little big Silke … we will never forget you!


Gone Too Soon, Marion/GSI, and Italian Bee Gees.

August 6, 2020.

July 18, 2020
The Drumathon 2020 charity auction.

Robin John Gibb: “Blue Weaver, the Brothers Egiziano & myself, will all be performing together once again, but for the first time under the banner of our new KTT Project Legacy ensemble aka ‘Legacy’, to help raise money for, and garner participation in, Errol Kennedy & his wife Bev Sage’s Drum For The NHS Auction. Don’t miss out, it’ll be an absolute blast, the first of its kind and truly an evening to remember I’m for one am very much looking forward to it. I love performing with these gentlemen. I’ve known Blue for as long as I can remember, he’s an amazing keyboard player and was a true asset to the Bee Gees at the hight of their success, and my good friends from Calabria are instantly recognisable as 3 real brothers who’ve been harmonising together for a very long time, they’re an absolute pleasure to work with”.

RJ Gibb – KTT Legacy Project Jive Talkin for NHS
The new version of Jive Talkin’

This is a ‘home’ version of the song Jive Talkin’ (Bee Gees 1975) to contribute to the Drumathon 2020 charity auction to raise money for the UK’s NHS. The Egiziano Brothers along with Robin-John Gibb, Blue Weaver and Errol Kennedy (drummer for ‘Imagination’, and creator of the initiative of the Drumathon with his wife Bev Sage).
Thank you Francesco Spadaccino for filming and editing the voices of the Egiziano Brothers, and thanks to Savaas Savvas Iosifidis for the last audio video mixes.

During the online Drumathon auction for NHS, Robin Gibb’s glasses were sold for 1300 Pounds!!.Very well done!

July 18, 2020