Some reviews, photos and remarks made during the first part of the tour

solo by Letizia singing: If I Can't Have You, and dancers Patrick and Nadine, © A. Wange
solo by Laura singing Immortality: the special IBG tribute to Maurice Gibb © A. Wange.

Tourschedule February
February 1st. 2014 / 20.00 / Mosbach: Alte Mälzerei
February 2nd. 2014 / 19.00 / Stuttgart: Liederhalle
February 5th. 2014 / 20.00 / Bonn: Beethovenhalle
February 7th. 2014 / 20.00 / Kiel: Sparkassen – Arena
February 9th. 2014 / 19.00 / Hamburg: Congress Center Saal 2
February 12th. 2014 / 19.30 / Wilhelmshaven: Stadthalle
February 13th. 2014 / 19.30 / Lingen (ems): Emsland Arena
February 14th. 2014 / 20.00 / Osnabrück: Osnabrück Halle
February 15th. 2014 / 20.00 / Aurich: Sparkassen-Arena
February 16th. 2014/ 19.00 / Bad Fallingbostel: Heidmark-Halle

February 1.  Mosbach
Announcement in the newspaper: Badische Zeitung
MASSACHUSETTS  – Das Bee Gees Musical – Music Performed by The Italian Bee Gees


February 2.  Stuttgart
Ich fand es einfach gigantisch. man hatte einfach das gefühl, die echten Bee Gees stehen auf der bühne. bin seit meinem 16. Lebensjahr grosser Bee Gees und Barry fan, tanzen bis die füße glühen.

February 5.  Bonn
Italian Bee Gees e Blue Weaver: “Massachusetts Musical Tour” a BONN, Beethovenhalle, 1580 presenti, ancora una volta Tutto Esaurito!
More and more shows: sold out!!

February 7.  Kiel
Newspaper Review: Kieler Nachrichten
Everyone in the hall was having a party!! Die ganze Halle feierte
German press on “Massachusetts” in Sparkassen Arena, Kiel:
“The best Bee Gees since the originals”

Photo report of performance Kiel

Blue on stage in the Massachusetts Show, with Pasquale Egiziano © A. Wange.
Blue with the 3 The Egiziano Brothers and their band © A. Wange.

February 14. Osnabrück
Osnabrücker Zeitung In “Massachusetts” auf den Spuren der Bee Gees

Reinhard Fanslau, Redakteur Osnabrücker Nachrichten / Emsland Kurier:
I have seen the show in Osnabrück and I’ve to say: I’m totally impressed. It is a highly professional, fantastic show. All people were in party mood, in the end it was a unbelievable happening, everyone was dancing. It was a phenomenal evening! The three Egiziano brothers are terrific.


February 15. Aurich
Newspaper review and photo report
Ostfriesen- Zeitung
Bee-Gees-Musical: Ostfriesen im Disko-Fieber

Ostfriesland Zeitung:
Disco-Fieber in Aurich
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February 16. Bad Fallingbostel
Another very successful show of The Massachusetts Tour 2014.

Time for a break now.
The whole team will start concerts again after the break: in Belgium.
Hope to see you there…….
March 12th. 2014 / 19.30 / St. Vith (Belgium): Triangel.

ATTENTION: the concert in Winterberg of March 21. has been cancelled.
More details when available: see tourschedule Pdf.