Some reviews, photos and remarks made during the first part of the tour

March 2014

Tourschedule March
March 12th. 2014 / 19.30 / St. Vith (Belgium): Triangel
March 13th. 2014 / 19.30 / Bergheim: Medio.Rhein.Erft
March 15th. 2014 / 20.00 / Paderborn: PaderHalle
March 16th. 2014 / 19.00 / Stadthagen: Festhalle
March 18th. 2014 / 19.30 / Hamm: Maximilian park
March 19th. 2014 / 19.30 / Iserlohn: Parktheater
March 20th. 2014 / 19.30 / Morbach: Baldenauhalle
March 21st. 2014 / 20.30 / Winterberg: Event Palast: CANCELLED!!
March 22nd. 2014 / 20.00 / Lutherstadt Eisleben: Glück-Auf-Halle
March 23rd. 2014 / 19.00 / Zwickau: Stadthalle
March 26th. 2014 / 19.30 / Dresden: Alter Schlachthof
March 27th. 2014 / 19.30 / Brandenburg a/d Havel: Stahlpalast
March 28th. 2014 / 20.00 / Berlin: Tempodrom
March 29th. 2014 / 20.00 / Frankfurt (Oder): Messehalle 1
March 30th. 2014 / 19.00 / Stralsund: Vogelsang Halle im Hanse Dom

Some reviews, photos and video material etc. of this part of the tour:
March 12. St Vith
At the start of part 3 of this Massachusetts Tour the whole team takes a first step across the German border to do a show in Belgium (St. Vith) The following day the tour continues again in Germany and tourbus and truck are heading for the next stop: Bergheim.

March 13. Bergheim
Marion/GSI   It was high time for me again to see a Massachusetts show, so we went for 3 days to visit the Egiziano brothers and the team in Germany again and also visited their Bergheim show: amazing!!

We of course visited the band at rehearsals, Bergheim, © Nadine Sudler
rehearsals Bergheim, © Marion Adriaensen
The Bergheim concert, © Roberto Risorto
The Bergheim concert, © Italian Bee Gees

News paper review
Rhein-Erft Rundschau   Night Fever lässt Medio beben

March 16. Stadthagen
Yesterday I was for the second time in this musical and it was even better than the first time. I’m very very excited. Vocally very close to the original, beautiful dance routines. Blue Weaver with it, who has worked closely with the Bee Gees. It couldn’t be better Yes, and all the old Bee Gees hits. Wonderful!

March 20. Morbach
Marion / GSI:
Yesterday evening The Egiziano Brothers received the sad news from Italy about the death of their Papa. A really difficult time for the 3 brothers and their family but the tour continues.

Concert Paderborn.
Concert in Morbach, © C. Knop
Davide Egiziano at the Meet and Greet after the Morbach show, © C. Knop.

March 23. Zwickau
Comment from some guests who had obtained the Massachusetts VIP Tickets and were able to go back stage and have a talk with The Egiziano Brothers and Blue Weaver etc. :

“Es war für uns eine erlebnisreiche Veranstaltung. Durch den persönlichen Kontakt mit den Gebrüdern Egiziano und Stargast Blue Weaver konnten wir mit Hilfe der Hostess viele Informationen von den Bandmitgliedern erhalten. Wir erlebten eine vielseitige, musikalisch ausgereifte Bühnenshow mit Tanz, Licht, Moderation und Videos. Die emotionalen Dialoge der Musiker untereinander haben uns sehr beeindruckt. Es war ein gelungener Abend an den wir noch lange zurückdenken werden.”
Vielen Dank!

“For us it was an exciting event. Through the personal contact with the Egiziano brothers and guest star Blue Weaver we got many information of the band members with the help of the hostess. We experienced a varied, musically fully developed stage show with dance, light, moderation and videos. The emotional dialogue between the musicians were very impressive. It was a successful evening which we will remember for a long time.”
Thanks a lot!

I’m speechless! Goosebumps all over…. Even my 8 year old daughter was thrilled! A fascinating journey through the life of the Gibb brothers accompanied with very authentic episodes Mr. Blue Weaver, the original keyboardist of the Bee Gees. A great night and recommended not only for Bee Gees fans.

March 26. Dresden
We were able to experience a great music show in Dresden with great musicians and best music. Unfortunately, we had the feeling that the talks of the moderator were too long and sometimes too exaggerated. Without these endless monologues and the constant asking by the moderator for applause it would have deserved 5 stars, because the music speaks for itself and I often actually heard the real BEE GEES. Memories of Andy, Maurice and Robin were well done too!

March 28. Berlin
Today the great show in Berlin, always a special event. A big hall, a live TV interview and also TV recordings during the concert!!.

Sound check in Tempodrom, © Nadine Sudler
Live on TV

Foto report of the concert in Berlin concert in Berlin
(20 images)  
(copyright: Peter’s Muzikladen and Detlef Wange).

More reviews
We visited the show for the third time! The show and the audience in Berlin were unique. The Italian brothers and their band are really great and sound very close to the original! Also the other artists are super (great solo by Laura Ugolini and Letizia Mongelli) and also the presentation by Jesse Garon was nice. Good luck for the future and until 2015, we then surely will visit for the fourth time!

Actually the right words still fail to report my enthusiasm and my emotion. Immediately after the first bars, everyone in the hall was caught by the great mood. It was a journey through time, which has captured me, I laughed and cried! The many beautiful images to a musical performance. High-performance and very close to the original. I had to stand up and dance to many of the hits. The music went from the head to the heart, and from there directly into the legs. The Bee Gees were back for a few hours and I will certainly be back the next year!
Thanks Italian Bee Gees, it was wonderful with you!

The meet and greet after the concert: 2 huge fans from Italy!

March 29. Frankfurt (Oder)
The Italian Bee Gees were great, the songs were performed super. Unfortunately, the acoustics were bad, the music was way too loud.

The show was much better than I’d ever expected. Nobody kept sitting on their chairs and everyone was dancing. The hall was trembling from excitement.

 The following report will tell you more about the tour in April and May.