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Massachusetts, part I

January 2015
After several years of successful touring The Italian Bee Gees and Blue Weaver decided to start another extensive tour this year with their Massachusetts Team. For the 2015 tour the production has added some more artists to the team. (We already presented to you all the artists in an earlier article about the Massachusetts show). At the start of the new year everyone got ready and departed for Berlin where the whole team rehearsed again for a week at Black Box Music. (
Right afterwards followed by the first leg of the 2015 tour, (see tour schedule).
During the first part the Massachusetts Show visited:


Photo shoot at end of rehearsal day 4

January 15th. Cottbus: Stadthalle
The premiere night of the 2015 Massachusetts Show.

The Band just before the first concert, © Roberto Risorto
The cake the office girls from Reset presented to the team at the premiere night. © A+D Wange

Review of the first show in Cottbus including photos.
Magnetisch mustergültig _ Das Bee Gees-Musical live in der Cottbuser Stadthalle.
by: Marko Ziesemer und Yulia Speich (German)

Photo report  Cottbus  © A. and D. Wange (6 images)  
Fan review
 Dancers, actors, beautiful backup singers, band, Blue Weaver and the three Italian brothers – and all LIVE with the best and most popular songs of the legendary Bee Gees. It was a fantastic evening yesterday in Cottbus. We will for sure come to see the musical again of which you cannot get enough!
 Tänzer, Schauspieler, wunderschöne Backgroundsängerinnen, eine Band, Blue Weaver und die 3 italienischen Brüder und das alles LIVE mit den besten und bekanntesten Songs der legendären Bee Gees. Es war ein fantastischer Abend gestern in Cottbus! Wir werden uns sicher das Musical noch einmal ansehen davon kann man einfach nicht genug bekommen!

January 16th. Hoyerswerda
Fan review
 Last year we were already visiting the Massachusetts show, and looked forward very much to a repeat this year and we were not disappointed. The additions to the last year are top. Dancers and actors in addition to the three brothers, the band including great background singers and keyboardist Blue Weaver are a real super team. We have enjoyed the show and come back definitely!
 Bereits letztes Jahr waren wir bei Massachusetts, haben uns sehr auf eine Wiederholung dieses Jahr gefreut und wurden nicht enttäuscht. Die Ergänzungen zum letzten Jahr sind spitze Tänzerinnen und Schauspieler sind neben den drei Brüdern, der Band inkl. stimmgewaltigen Backroundsängerinnen und Keyboarder Blue Weaver ein durchweg super Team. Wir haben die Show sehr genossen und kommen auf jeden Fall wieder!!!!

January 17th. Magdeburg,
January 18th. Riesa
and January 21st. Koblenz

Magdeburg concert

Photo report  Magdeburg, Riesa and Koblenz  © A. and D. Wange (11 images)  
 This is not a musical but still super. It is more a biography of the band, and that with the best Bee Gees cover band. It has been great fun again to listen to the countless hits, and if you close your eyes you think you hear the original. But as I said, a musical is something else for me.
 Das ist kein Musical aber dennoch super. Es ist mehr eine Biografie der Band, und das mit der besten Bee Gees Coverband. Es hat unheimlich Spass gemacht die unzähligen Hits nochmal zu hören, und wenn man die Augen schliesst meint man das Original zu hören. Aber wie gesagt, ein Musical ist für mich was anderes.

January 24th. Düsseldorf  

‘The first time during the 2015 tour that we had a chance to go to the Massachusetts Show. We’ve had 2 wonderful days in Düsseldorf and Dortmund visiting the show and seeing our friends again. The venue in Düsseldorf was really special, a beautiful building which we found out during the sound check.

The show was again a wonderful and passionate tribute to our Gibb Brothers. This year with some more people on stage (extra dancers and actor) to tell the story of The Bee Gees’.

Watching soundcheck, Dusseldorf, © Nadine Sudler

Setlist Düsseldorf, there can be small changes between shows) (In between the live performances of The Italian Bee Gees, Blue Weaver and Band, there’s moderation and dance).

The (Italian) Bee Gees in the sixties, Dusseldorf.
Weaver proudly tells about his working with the Gibbs, Dusseldorf. © A+D Wange

Fan review
 A fantastic evening. It was more a biography than a musical, but musically really a highlight. 3 Italians were vocally very close to the original, so when closing your eyes you saw The Bee Gees. An evening I won’t forget so quickly anymore. 3 hours of great emotions.
 Ein fantastischer Abend. Es war zwar mehr eine Biographie als Musical, aber musikalisch ein Highlight. Die 3 Italiener waren stimmlich so nah am Original , sodass man beim Augen schließen Bee Gees vor sich sah. Ein Abend den ich so schnell nicht mehr vergessen werde. 3 Stunden voller Emotionen.

Goodbye and thank you Switzerland (copyright Nice Time productions)

Marion / GSI
‘After the show, like always, The Egiziano Brothers and Blue take special time to meet with the audience for a chat, some photos, autographs in the hall of each venue etc. This time in Dusseldorf I felt there would going to happen something more after the meet and greet as there was a beautiful piano standing in the hall and I know when Blue sees a piano, or any instrument with keys, he likes to try and play it. So we ended up with a group of fans and friends singing around the piano with Blue and The Italian Bee Gees: How Deep Is Your Love. Lovely moment!

Then it was finally time to sit down in some restaurant with the Egiziano Brothers, Blue and the team, to relax and eat and drink something until in the middle of the night.’

Me singing around the piano with Blue, IBG, fans and friends, Dusseldorf. © A+D Wange.

anuary 25th. Dortmund
‘Again we spent a day in Germany to visit Massachusetts. No soccer game like last year uposite the venue, so it was easy to drive to the Westfallenhalle entrance and join the team for sound check in the early afternoon.! In the evening we enjoyed the show and afterwards spent some time with our Italian friends etc. in a lovely Italian restaurant, chatting, eating and….. singing together! Great fun and looking forward to the next visit.’

Photo report  Dortmund  © A. and D. Wange (6 images)  
Fan review
 Who would once again like to plunge into the musical history of the Bee Gees, has to come to this musikshow. It’s a pity that we never saw the original Bee Gees. We have seen this show now for the 2nd time, we clearly prefer the Colosseum in Essen because of the better acoustics!! An event which is worth the 70 euros per person in any case. The voices come close to the originals and goose bumps come for sure, especially when Robin Gibb sings. We have both said we like to visit a third time, even though we were not really Bee Gees fans. The music belongs of course to our generation.
 Wer noch einmal in die musikalische Geschichte der Bee Gees eintauchen möchte, der darf diese musikshow nicht auslassen. Schade dass wir nie die original Bee Gee gesehen haben. Wir haben die Show das 2. Mal gesehen, müssen aber ganz klar wegen der Akustik das Colosseum in Essen bevorzugen bzw. empfehlen. Ein Event was sich mit knapp 70 Euro pro Person auf jeden Fall lohnt. Die Stimmen sind weit am Original und Gänsehaut ist vorprogrammiert, vor allem bei Robin gibb. Wir haben beide gesagt, das wir uns das auch noch mal ein drittes Mal ansehen könnten, obwohl wir nicht zu eingefleischten Bee Gees Fans gehörten, aber die Musik gehört natürlich zu unserer Generation.

January 29th. Hamburg,
January 30th. Hannover

Photo report  Hamburg and Hannover  © A. and D. Wange (7 images)  
Fan reviews
 It was not the first time that we saw the Italian Bee Gees with this show. And so it was exciting if they would impress us again. What a question – the music, the voices, and the sympathetic brothers have done it again. The mood was gigantic. Why had we actually booked a seat? The real Bee Gees we have never seen live unfortunately, but this band is more than a good substitute.
 Es war nicht das erste Mal, dass wir die Italian Bee Gees mit dieser Show ansahen. Und so war es spannend, ob sie uns wieder packen würden. Was für eine Frage – die Musik, die Stimmen und die sympathischen Brüder haben es wieder geschafft. Die Stimmung war gigantisch. Warum hatten wir eigentlich einen Sitzplatz gebucht? Es sind nicht die echten Bee Gees, die wir leider nie live erlebt haben, aber mehr als ein guter Ersatz.

 Important moments from the life of a music legend. This evening, I asked myself several times: am I awake or am I dreaming? Close your eyes and there they were again, the Bee Gees. Amazing how many songs and lyrics I could still sing along, but the Bee Gees were a part of my life. Probably it happened to more people in the audience, because after just a few notes, the hall became a dance hall. These sympathetic three Italian brothers gave me unforgettable hours (3!), and they make the Bee Gees immortal!
 Stationen aus dem Leben einer Musiklegende. An diesem Abend fragte ich mich mehrmals: Wach ich oder träum ich? Augen zu und es gab sie wieder, die Bee Gees. Ich wunderte mich darüber, wie viele Lieder und Texte ich noch mitsingen konnte und wie sehr doch die Bee Gees ein Teil meines Lebens waren. Wahrscheinlich ging es sehr vielen Menschen so, denn schon nach wenigen Tönen wurde aus dem Kuppelsaal ein Tanzsaal. Diese sympathischen drei italienischen Brüder schenkten mir 3 (!) unvergesslich schöne Stunden, und sie machen die Bee Gees unsterblich!

January 31 st. Quakenbruck,
February 1st. Braunschweig,
February 5th. Stade