By Phyllis Tillman.
Photos (copyright) by Phyllis Tillman and Shelly Prom.

This past week, 30 of us descended into South Beach. Most of us to go to the beach, eat at Balans or 11th Street Diner (which is on the cover of Size isn’t Everything!), and with the hope of perchance meeting up with Mr. B. Gibb. Below a synopsis of what I do remember there.


Well, dreams do come true. After a picnic at Mo’s Park, we were given directions to a home in Miami Beach…when we got there, the gates were open and a large cooler was full of cold bottled water. Knowing how hot and humid it was out there, the Gibb family had that ready for us! So, here we were a few fans ranging from 30 something to 70 something!, looking at a familiar home in Miami Beach. And then, there he was. Seeing Barry along with his bodyguard, you could almost hear a pin drop. We, fans, were just in awe of who we were looking at. The man, who with his brothers, gave us such incredible music over the decades – music that is still being played and is still being covered by other artists. This man was standing in front of us saying “hello all!” WOW. Ashley was there as well and a few minutes later Mr. Ashby came out. What a magical hour. Barry was awesome the whole time. The heat and humidity was soo unbearable to us that we know Barry was feeling it as well but he kept on talking to each fan individually, taking pictures signing autographs and accepting various gifts that we brought to him. Ashley was just as wonderful talking with us.


One of the pictures is a shot now that Laura took of me giving Barry a gift (with Derek looking on!). Another one is taking of me with Ashley – I had just given him a birthday card. He is so sweet. He had told me that Lucas is in preK school now ( here that means the year before kindergarten!) and he’s supposed to pick him up from school right after meeting us (which I think he was late…). But anyways, how refreshing to know he does that and not have some nanny or somebody else to do that. Anyways, in some of the shots you also see Derek as well and there’s one with me and him!


I just want to thank the Gibb family for allowing us to visit for this magical hour. The rest of my days there in Miami Beach were visiting the Lincoln Mall and walking on Ocean Drive and even visiting the Holocaust Memorial. But that hour on a Wednesday afternoon will always be fondly remembered by not only myself but also each and every person there. Thank you Barry, Derek, Ashley and Dick for taking time out of your busy schedules for us. And even though she wasn’t there, I also thank Linda for having the patience with us.

Happy Birthday Barry, Happy Anniversary Barry and Linda, Happy Birthday, Ashley.

Barry welcomes the fans on his birthday
Phyllis talking to Ashley
Phyllis giving her birthday gift to Barry
Derek, Barry and Phyllis talking
Derek ( Barry's bodyguard ) with Phyllis
Barry with fans
Barry with fans
Fans with Dick Ashby (Barry's PA and personal friend of family)
Ashley with fans