Confessions Of A Dedicated Englishman.

“I’m emailing a review of David English’s book now that I’ve had time to read through and enjoy the content. The book contains many excellent sections, including a chapter about Barry Gibb and David English’s reunion with Robert Stigwood in 2004 and some very comprehensive celebrity endorsements. Hope you like my review”:

Stephanie Thorburn, June 30th.

Confessions Of A Dedicated Englishman.
David English. Pan Macmillan Press, 2006.
Review By: Stephanie Thorburn.

Former President of RSO Records, Dr David English has augmented his original autobiography by writing a second edition. ‘Confessions Of A Dedicated Englishman’ provides a charismatic exploration of the, ‘hilarious, heart-warming and heady world of the actor, music producer and Godfather of English cricket’. The 2006 text is split into two halves, ‘Living The Dream’ which inducts the reader first hand into English’s implausibly diverse career endeavours in the music industry, film and more latterly his charity work. Part two ‘Bring On The Bunburys’ is an equally satisfying read, featuring an unprecedented series of delightful endorsements by participants in David English’s Bunbury pro-celebrity cricket team. Contributors include Tony Blair, Sir Viv Richards, Jeffrey Archer and Eric Clapton who offers some touching insights into English’s persona; “I had such a great time at David English’s birthday party last year, 2003.. I was touched by how much love was expressed towards him by his friends and colleagues. We all know (those of us who have had reason to find out) what a royal pain in the arse he can be, but underneath all that noise and chaos, I know there beats a heart of solid gold.”

‘Confessions Of A Dedicated Englishman’ evokes a more than engaging journey through English’s biography, from Press Officer in 1971 at Decca to President of RSO Records in 1973, he presided over the careers of Eric Clapton and the Bee Gees, ensuring the fruition of RSO Records into the world’s number- one independent record company. The new edition is also complete with a chapter on ‘Robert Stigwood- The Greatest Showman Of Them All’, where David analyses both his impact and most significant achievements in music, theatre and film. The chapter is set in context of Stigwood’s recent emotional reunion meeting with Barry Gibb and David in June 2004 at his home, Barton Manor.

Undoubtedly Dr David English MBE is a true optimist whose colourful recollections offer us some inspiring maxims on the philosophy of everyday life. “Confessions Of A Dedicated Englishman will appeal to cricket enthusiasts, music fans and everyone with a passion for life”, Pan Macmillan Press.
Forewords are written by Stephen Fry and Piers Morgan.