Miami Beach March 4th
The Gibb Family, friends and fans gathered at the Maurice Gibb Park, formerly known as Island View Park, on 18 Street and Purdy Avenue for an intimate celebration of Mo’s life. Most of the family was present only Steve wasn’t there and Dwina wasn’t due to personal circumstances. During the ceremony of about one hour there were several speakers who remembered Maurice all in their own way. First of all one of Maurice’s friends of the AA club called Arthur, then the families lawyer Arnold Gittomer as well as Barry, Robin, the mayor of Miami Beach, David Demner who presented Yvonne Sam and Adam the key of the city, and finally there was a- thank you- word by Maurice’s son Adam Gibb. Then the Gibb family and everyone were asked to walk over to the “Maurice Gibb Memorial Plaque” to watch the unveiling of it. There was a white sheet covering it at that time. So Yvonne, Adam, Sam and family were told that on the count of three to unveil it. It’s really beautiful. The mosaic colours are red, blue and yellow with the bronze plaque in the middle. After the ceremony there was a reception at Robin’s house in Miami Beach.
Click here for the transcript of Barry’s and Robin’s speech at the ceremony.

Robin, mum Barbara and family at the ceremony Thank you
words by Adam Unveiling of the plaque by the family
The Gibb Family and friends during the ceremony


My experience with this past weekend. In one word…AWESOME!

By Phyllis Tillman
Photos: copyright Phyllis Tillman, unless otherwise mentioned

Robin arrives for the ceremony

The dedication was very nice….very tasteful. Even the fans behaved! It was a little windy but it made it nice. This Sunday really was the best day in a long time The ceremony lasted about an hour and then Barry stayed for an hour afterwards signing autographs, having pictures taken, one fan even called a friend of his on his cell and asked Barry if he could say hello to her! He did. Awesome! I got his autograph but unfortunately did not get a picture taken with him. My battery ran low of course! So I didn’t get a picture of myself with Barry but I patted his wrist and of course! Things were moving fast. But I was shoulder to shoulder with him…

I also got Adam’s autograph and Ashley’s and I had my picture taken with Ashley as you can see. Barry was very patient with cameras that didn’t work and chatted along….very, very sweet. Robin came up to the fence as well!

Afterwards, around the other side, Linda was talking with some fans. Linda is just as pretty in person as she is in pictures. I also met Ashley’s wife, Therese and saw their son, Lucas who is just adorable and has long blond hair. I chatted with Ashley and he talked with us about the chat. (of the Barry Gibb website). He said that his dad just wanted us to have fun with it. It is fun for them as well to do that for the fans. We asked Ashley how his dad does all this with signing autographs and such. ‘A very patient man, indeed’! Ashley said ‘well, he is a professional and he has been doing this for a long, long time. He does enjoy it as well’. Ashley is just as cute as his dad is and very friendly! Then I chatted a little bit with Dick Ashby. Robin was close to the fans as well. Awesome just awesome. I did get pictures with me in front of Barry’s and Robin’s houses. The park is sooo peaceful and serene. Beautiful view with boats going by. I can see now why Mo liked to go there so much. Even got a picture of the old Middle Ear Studio even though it is not like it used to be: all gated up. Afterward while Barry was signing autographs, Linda and Ashley and Therese talked with some of us along with Ali. All very nice on a beautiful balmy day in Miami Beach. Beforehand it got a bit windy and I was afraid it would start to rain but thank goodness it did not! Ali chatted a little bit with some fans too. Of course, Linda is just as pretty in person as she is in pictures. Steve was not there but Spencer was. He chatted a little bit with the fans too. Really one nice family to us fans!! People came from all over even from Holland and Germany, just for this.

Phyllis at the Maurice Gibb Park sign
Barry at the Maurice Gibb Park

The night before the fans from Barry’s chat room met each other in person. Most of us for the first time. This lasted until after midnight! Wonderful to finally put faces with chat names! Awesome. But most importantly, we chatters donated a total of $1500.00 to the Gibb Family Foundation. Each family, Yvonne, Robin’s family and Barry’s family received a homemade card from Bonnie the coordinator (a ‘normal’ fan who just picked up the ball so to speak and organized a fantastic event for us) stating how generous Barry’s Chat Room fans are!

As for the park itself, it is very peaceful and serene. Once again I now know why Mo liked to go down there and just sit and look at the boats on the water and just plain relax. I have also included a picture taken of me and my friend who came down to Miami Beach with me. We are sitting on the very park bench that Mo used to sit on when HE would go down there.

Barry with fan / Phyllis with Barry's son Ashley
Phyllis and friend sitting on Mo's bench


The Maurice Gibb Park from March 1 until the dedication on March 4th.

By Barry’s Babe
Photo credits: Laura T. (Barry’s Babe)

A photo report was sent to GSI by Barry’s Babe which shows the
last days prior to the ceremony and the dedication itself.
The plaque at the playground in the park. / This photo was taken on March 2. Workers are busy planting the flowers.
Just before the ceremony. / During the ceremony.
During the ceremony. / Adam Gibb.
Ashley Gibb / Barry being interviewed by Entertainment Tonight.
Mother Barbara Gibb at the ceremony. / Robin Gibbb
Robin with personal assistent Ken Graydon