GSI has been in touch with Stephanie Thorburn for quite some time now and we are proud to have been able to post some reports by her on our website. Stephanie is a journalist from Britain and decided to write down the autobiographical memoirs of her experiences as a music journalist.

Stephanie: ‘ I have compiled a ‘rock critics’ style blog that I hope will evoke the encounters I have enjoyed with some great characters and protagonists in the music industry, whilst reflecting too on a range of more sobering thoughts.’

Stephanie with David English

Since last week, Stephanie Thorburn has set up her new webpage which comprises excerpts from her manuscript “Great Expectations”-
She has put together the relevant sections on the Bunburys for their next year book and the feature is now displaying on her site and of course on GSI…
Click here (Word file) for a copy of her contribution for the Bunbury 2007 brochure, which will in fact be a special edition as next year marks the 21st anniversary of the project.
It covers the evolution of the Bunburys project and focusses on some evocative memories of Dr David English, Bill Wyman and Barry Gibb.
On her webpage is also a special section where Stephanie has described her long term friendship with David English and an interesting encounter she had with Robert Stigwood and his conscientious PA Philippe.
Stephanie intends to update her webpage with more news, anecdotes and hopefully some pics in the near future.
Link to Stephanie’s webpage blog:

The pics were taken by Stephanie's brother Derry Thorburn (copyright) of the recent Bunbury
match in aid of Aspire at Mill Hill on 6th August. The event was only a few miles from where
Stephanie lives in north London.