Part 2 Visit to Miami 2006
More photos from Emmy and Inge

Also Emmy Biasoli (mentioned in the earlier report as well) sent a number of photos of her and her sisters recent visit to Miami last September.

Gail had a chance to go back to Barry’s place with Emmy and her sister Inge as they hadn’t been able to visit earlier with the group of fans who were in town for the Fan Gathering. This visit to Barry finally was on Wednesday, September 13th. Gail, Emmy and Inge first would go to Barry the 12th. but when they arrived Mr. Ashby advised them to come the next day as Barry was not feeling well because of a doctors visit the previous day. He’d had problems with his ears. Emmy explained that it had been a very special experience to finally meet the artist whom she admired already since 1967. She loved his way of talking so openly and the fact that Barry took time to answer all of their questions. Also mother Barbara had visited Barry earlier that day, Barry said. His family is getting so big now and is most important to him. For the moment he loves to be there for his family and to work on his album while Robin prefers to live in Britain most of the time. During her stay in Miami Emmy and Inge also visited Maurice Gibb Memorial Park and according to Yvonne the park will officially be opened in the second half of January and lots of guests will be expected then. Here are some of the photos send to GSI by Emmy Biasoli.

The plaque in Mo's memorial park removed
to be repaired
Some of Mo's awards
Yvonne at home with one of her dogs
Barry listening intently to Emmy and her sister Inge
Barry with Emmy and Inge
Gail and Emmy at the memorial park
Robin's house in Miami
Robin's dogs in the garden of his Miami home
Emmy and Inge talking with Barry

Thanks Gail and Emmy for your cooperation
Marion / GSI