Tuesday January 28th. Robin visited The Netherlands during his promo tour and performed at the lottery show: “De Staatsloterij Show”.
BGFC was able to be there as well and give 55 tickets to their members to join the show.
It turned out to be a wonderful day.

Although it was still so soon after the sudden death of twin brother Maurice, Robin insisted on going back to work again.
It wasn’t easy for him and he looked awfully tired but going back on stage, and being busy with his music probably helps him getting through this very difficult period.
His music has to pull him through and he did a remarkable job.
It was great and very special to see him perform and the production team of this show handled the situation with lots of respect.

All the fans gathered in front of the Dutch Media Park at about 6.30 p.m. and from there we were brought to Studio 24 by buses.
There each one got a ticket and a free lottery ticket too.
It was a live show and everyone had to be ready and on their seats when the show started at 8.30 p.m.
There were several guests like for instance The Sugarbabes and Kelly Rowland but Robin was announced being the main act.
First the audience was told about the special situation Robin and his family were in at the moment and how thankful they were to have him on the show so shortly after the tragic death of his twin brother.
We were also told to support him with a warm applause but not too excited because of the special circumstances.
And so the audience did.

Twice before Robin would enter the studio there was shown some film material of the life and career of The Bee Gees.
Finally in the last part of the show Robin was announced and host Mark had a chat with him first. About his tragic loss and his new album and about working with young artists etc.
Robin honestly confessed it felt very hard to even talk already about Maurice’s death as it was only two weeks ago and he was still in a period of mourning although Maurice would have wanted Robin and Barry to carry on with their music and so they will, to honor Maurice, only not as The Bee Gees but using their own names.
Before and after Robin’s performance he received a standing ovation.
The people kept applauding and host Mark gave Robin all the time and told him: this is for you, this is for you.
Robin must have felt that his performances was more than ever appreciated by the audience.
He was touched and so were the fans and many of them had tears in their eyes.
There were fans from Holland and the surrounding countries but also from America.
They’d all watched a very special show.

Marion/GSI and coordinator BGFC-EUROPE.