Gibb Family involvement in DRI ( Love And Hope) and other charity events.

In answer to many fans who’ve asked the past months if there will be a Love And Hope Ball again this year: ……  Last year we already mentioned that these events have stopped for the Gibb family in Miami and maybe the young Gibb generation will be involved in some new charity of that sort in future.

We earlier this year also posted the tragic news on GSI Facebook that Gary Kleiman past away. As you know he was diagnosed diabetic patient as a child and lived with his parents opposite Barry and Linda when they first moved to Miami. They became good friends and he in fact was the reason Barry and Linda got involved with DRI many, many years ago.

The family will still stay involved is charity events and organisations like always but we do not all the time report of these,  as it is kind of a private matter.

We can tell you by the way that Linda Gibb is working with one or two Humane Society organizations based on her love of animals especially dogs.

-Marion / President Official Bee Gees Fan Club (GSI)