Marion / GSI: “I keep receiving questions about the situation where Barry lives now with the heavy rainfall and floods in Southern Florida going on……., about the biopic situation etc. So here’s what I just heard today:

There are severe floods in Miami Beach and in Barry’s street as well. No traffic there at the moment and there’s more rain to come. The family is doing well but busy as they are preparing to leave for the UK. Hopefully it won’t delay their plans of flying over to Europe this weekend, fingers crossed. There were questions about an article which suggested recently that the biopic will get the title: How Can You Mend A Broken Heart, like the earlier documentary.

That must have been a mix up somewhere as that’s not true. Casting will start reasonable soon now after the approving of the script and it looks like things will happen quickly now with Ridley at the helm!!! Both the family and Ridley and his team will come up with some names suggestions for casting. We keep you posted the coming months. The merchandising company’s creative team are currently in the process of designing ideas for Barry, Dwina and Yvonne to approve. No new plans yet for possibility to ask for original signed photo material via a special fan address.

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-Marion / President Official Bee Gees Fan Club

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