Having been home to Italy for a break and now ready to start the second part of their extensive German tour: The Italian Bee Gees. Together on stage again with their own live band and own singers. Part of the show of course as well: Bee Gees keyboard player and special guest Blue Weaver, as well as Jesse Garon as BBC reporter and Patrick Dudek: the German Tony Manero, who performs every night with another lovely dancing group! Read again reviews and watch video and photos of some of the shows in the second part of this tour!
The Bee Gees Story goes on…..

Blue Weaver behind his keyboards
Always performing with great passion and love for the Gibb music (© A. Wange)

22-02-13, Bielefeld.
The re-start tonight in Bielefeld.
Danilo Chiarella (bass guitar player)
Great concert tonight at Bielefeld, tomorrow live in Brema sold out!!!!

Audience review
Great concert but surely not a musical. I’m not a child of the roaring seventies nor a real Bee Gees fan but I’ve had a wonderful evening! The close harmonies and falsetto of The Bee Gees are not easy to imitate but these 3 Egiziano Brothers came very, very close. It was real fun. It was just a great concert show.

Antonio Gaudio (drummer)
The First Show is gone tomorrow Brema!!

Laura Ugolini singing her solo: Immortality

23 -2-2013, Bremen
Marion / GSI:
My first visit to the Massachusetts show of my friends the Italian Bee Gees and Blue Weaver. I had been looking forward to it for so long already and had been with them in my thoughts since their premiere show in Siegen. The theatre in Bremen to begin with was very nice and for Blue more or less a home town show. Massachusetts is a wonderful trip through the career of The Bee Gees. To me a great concert show, a lovely tribute to the three Gibb Brothers we miss so much and to the one brother; the last man standing: Barry Gibb of which we hope so much he will continue making music and performing music for many, many years. The Italian Bee Gees group adores The Gibb music through and through and that shows during their performance. They sing the music of their idols with so much respect and passion it gives me goose bumps !! The artists on stage and the audience in the Bremen Theatre were -one- again with the music that brought us all together. I enjoyed the evening very much.
Thanks Italian Bee Gees; friends forever.

Saturday Night Fever on stage together with the dance group in Bremen

Weser Kurier,
Short translation:

Back To Massachusetts
(Lars Fischer)
At the end of the 70ties there was no bigger band than The Bee Gees. With Saturday Night Fever they discovered the disco sound and flew around the world. Their keyboard player at that time was Blue Weaver, who lives in Worpswede (near Bremen) these days. He now re-lives his times of working with the three Gibb brothers while being part of the Massachusetts production. On tour again with The Italian Bee Gees and all the old hits.

“When I close my eyes it often feels just like in the old days”, says Blue Weaver. Those days, that was between 1975 and 1982 when he was part of the Bee Gees Band. Although the three brothers mostly were in the spotlights, amongst the musicians themselves: the brothers and their band were ONE. Blue being keyboard player was one of them and composed several of the Bee Gees greatest hits together with the Gibb Brothers and they all lived together in Florida. Today Blue is living both in Worpswede (Northern Germany) and Malaga (Spain). While touring with The Bee Gees they used to travel all around the world by private plane.
Successful superstars.

Today there’s only one original Brother Gibb (Bee Gee) left, the last man standing: Barry Gibb. First Maurice died in 2003 and Robin last year in 2012 while younger brother Andy being a successful solo star, had died in 1988. So unfortunately there’s no more Bee Gees but their hits and the memories live on and more than that they are also performed on stage again in the music production Massachusetts with the Italian Bee Gees and with whom Blue decided to cooperate and now he’s special guest during the entire tour.

In the eyes of Blue, The Italian Bee Gees aren’t just a tribute band. The very special thing is that also Walter, Davide and Pasquale Egiziano are 3 brothers who look and sound close to the original. “They feel as brothers the same while working on stage with their music, like the real Gibb Brothers I think, ” said Blue. “The fascinating thing is that also the Egiziano Brothers can easily sing the very complicated song parts. Also special is the fact that each of the brothers can sing each others song parts easily if necessary. That’s then very useful when, like with the performance in Bremen, one of the brothers had voice problems. Davide, who usually takes the Robin parts had to go on stage there while having the flu. Pasquale and Walter then could help him by taking over most of the falsetto parts for Davide and the public had no idea. It’s a miracle how wonderful they work together and they understand each other and anticipate on stage perfectly”.

During their German tour the group will visit around 52 theatres of over 1000 seats each and also in Bremen the audience loved the performance of the Italian brothers and Blue Weaver and also after the show in Bremen like after every show it’s very crowded at the meet and greet where interested people every time get a chance for a little talk, a signed photo or CD and of course photos taken of them with the Italians and Blue. It’s busy like with real big stars after each show! The audience still loves the Bee Gees music. In fact Blue didn’t want to do any more extensive tours but after having seen a show of The Egiziano Brothers he decided he’d love to be part of that after all. In the old days he stood behind his keyboards somewhere in the back ground on stage. Today being guest star of the Massachusetts show he’s in the spotlights. This show chronological tells with video, photo and stories, the history of the band The Bee Gees. And Blue Weaver of course tells some of his own anecdotes of working with the legends The Bee Gees. But most important of all he plays together with the three Egiziano brothers and their full live band and singers for about 3 hours all the famous Bee Gees hits like: “Stayin’ alive”, “Night Fever”, “How Deep Is Your Love” etc. And it’s not only Blue who then closes his eyes and thinks and feels being back in time…….

Meet and greet after the show in Bremen (© M. Adriaensen)

25-2-2013, Hamburg
Davide Egiziano (member Italian Bee Gees)
Tonight Show 21/52 in Hamburg. Great nights in Bielefeld, Bremen and Flensburg, more than 4000 hearts beating together !!! Thank you all !!! The Bee Gees Story goes on …

Audience review
For me, being die hard Bee Gees fan, an evening with lots of de-ja-vu’s. The story of The Bee Gees perfectly performed during this show and all of that with the original Bee Gees keyboard player Derek, Blue Weaver. Very fascinating. Thanks for the great evening.
A must for all Bee Gees fans!!

28-02-2013, Hannover
Antonio Gaudio (drummer)
Great show in Hannover.

01-03-2013, Hameln
Video recording of the dance group “FÜR SIE” together with the Italian Bee Gees on stage during the Massachusetts show in Hameln.

In the band bus, on the way to Dortmund, keyboard player Fabrizio and singer Letizia
Rehearsing in Dortmund: Blue and Pasquale on the keyboards (© M. Adriaensen)

02-03-2013, Dortmund
Marion / GSI:
Close to home, so surely we wanted to visit the show of our friends again in Dortmund. Had a great night!! So special during this concert tour is the fact that after each show the boys take the time to spend some moments with the fans, the audience who is interested in meeting them at a meet and greet for a signed photo, a CD, or simply to chat some words or have a picture taken with the Italian Bee Gees and Blue Weaver.

Meet and greet Dortmund
Together after the show in Oldenburg for a meal. (Ivan and Danilo the 2 guitarists)

04-03-2013 day off
Patrick Dudek (Tony Manero in the show)
The 26th of the 52 “MASSACHUSETTS” Shows took place yesterday in Oldenburg. It was GREAT!!! Now there are waiting 26 more Shows for me, the Italian Bee Gees, Blue Weaver and the Dance Crews of each City we play. I am sure it will be fantastic!!! 🙂 Because now 50% is done I thought it is time to come up with a new VIDEO. This Video was made in Meerane during the rehearsals for the Tour with the Band of the Italian Bee Gees. They are really great guys and I am just lucky that I can be on stage with them. Thank you BLUE WEAVER again for making this short Video:

05-03-2013, Bergisch Gladbach
A film crew in the house tonight!!
Interview and filming for a huge Bee Gees TV program to be aired in Germany this year!
Audience review
The show was great. Like in the old days and very romantic. Very well performed with heart and soul and lots and lots of good music. I was happy the text of the BBC reporter was in German! I got goose bumps when those 3 very sympathetic brothers performed the songs of my idols. I closed my eyes and there they were: The Bee Gees. A wonderful evening. All fans should see this show.

07-03-2013, Koblenz
After the Koblenz concert of last night one extra day off as the today’s show in Mainz had to be postponed until April 3rd. 2014.

08-03-2013, Braunschweig
Patrick Dudek
Yesterday we played the 29th Show of the MASSACHUSETTS Show in Braunschweig/Stadthalle. It was a special night for me and not just because it is my Hometown. This tour means not just being on stage, getting applause, doing a job. It’s about sharing passion for music and art. And like Marion Adriaensen said: ‘it brings people together and makes new friends.’ It is so true!!! So after the show we were at the I – Vent Restaurant where this picture was taken. Myself with Blue Weaver and Richard Hilton. Thanks to you and to everybody of the Massachusetts Team !!!.

Other artists visit the show too, here Blue and Patrick with musician Richard Hilton
Letizia, Laura, Blue and Richard Hilton
The band with Richard Hilton, Braunschweig

Richard Hilton has worked in the music business already for over 30 years. and participated in a number of music, film, video game soundtrack, TV, and commercial projects in various capacities.

10-03-2013 Marburg
Davide Egiziano (member of Italian Bee Gees)
Singing “Don’t throw it all away” to Andy Gibb, in the anniversary of his passing, in front of a crowded theater, accompanied by Blue Weaver on keyboards…it’s just Emotion, I’ll never forget. Thank you Blue, Thank you Andy. Dedicare “Don’t throw it all away” ad Andy Gibb, nell’anniversario della sua scomparsa, di fronte ad un teatro pieno, accompagnato da Blue Weaver alle tastiere…è un’emozione che non dimenticherò mai. Grazie Blue, Grazie Andy.

11-3-2013 Würzburg
Concert with a birthday cake: Blue Weaver’s birthday today!!
Main Post
Short translation

The Massachusetts show gives us a interesting and intimate view in the career of Brothers Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb of whom only Barry is still alive. The title ‘musical’ however is wrong however it’s more a music revue: a wonderful show with all kinds of videos, photos, comments, dances, and lots of songs and live music. Leading roles in the concert show are The Italian Bee Gees, the Fratelli Egiziano. Brothers: Walter (43), Davide (39) and Pasquale (36) Egiziano from the south Italian city of Paola. They come very close to their idols. Their voices blend very well together and sound like the Bee Gees and at the same time each of their voices also has a special accent. Beautiful solo voices, three part harmonies and of course the typical Bee Gees falsetto, they can do it all and the group takes you on a journey from 1967 and even before, to the latest hits of The Bee Gees.

The public who in the old days enjoyed the real Bee Gees and their hits now is taken on a nostalgic wave by the Italian Brothers. When the brothers invite former Bee Gees keyboard player Blue Weaver on stage and together play and sing the huge disco hits the audience explodes and everyone starts to dance in the hall. With Stayin’ Alive, there’s also coming a complete dance group on stage (Eleven der Kultur- und Tanzwerkstatt Würzburg: Leitung: Katharina Lehmann). During Pasquale’s very moving ‘Words’ it’s getting quiet, arms move in the air and lighters light up in the hall. The whole show is hosted by Jesse Caron, a BBC reporter who tells to the audience the story of the Gold Boys in Pop music, in between the live music.
Reinhard Glaab.

Click for photo report of the Würzburg show

Celebrating Blue Weaver's birthday (© S. Gralla).

Audience review
For audiences who grew up with The Bee Gees and their music there’s not so much to go to in theatres these days. The Massachusetts show however was a lovely surprise for us. A chronological travel through the career of one of the best groups ever, performed very, very well by 3 (also) brothers from Italy with their wonderful live band and backing singers. A great show which deserves to get much more attention by German press and much more advertisement through the country as many people here in Germany have no idea this tour is going on and you should all see this!!!

12-3-2013, Siegen
Davide Egiziano (member of the Italian Bee Gees)
German Tour 2013, concert 32/52, March 12. 8 hours in the bus for 240 km, snow…traffic jam..and car accidents on the highway. Late arrival at theatre. Directly on stage without sound check and… Great Show !!! Thank you all for the incredible job…
The Italian Bee Gees Rock !!! 😉

Letizia Mongelli (backing vocalist)
This day that seemed not ever finish has come to an end. After doing 240 km in almost 8 hours for accidents and roads blocked by blizzards in Germany we managed to make the show even though with an hour’s delay. Thanks to the public of Siegen who waited. An applause to all technical … Jo Pa Bateman, Michael Kuhna, Lars Kuhnt, Melanie, Mathias Mantzke, and us, Walter, Davide Pasquale, Blue Weaver, Danilo Chiarella Ivan Avicolli Laura Ugolini Antoni Gaudio, Fabrizio Saullo….. and thanks to Ermelindo that took us safely. Good night

13-03-2013, Alsdorf
Audience review
Beautiful, all these old Bee Gees songs. When you sometimes closed your eyes you’d the feeling you were listening to the real Bee Gees. The Italian brothers know what they are doing and know how to entertain the audience and sing the Bee Gees songs with so much feeling which comes from their hearts, it’s moving!

14-03-2013, Frankfurt
Blue Weaver
Ok! Last gig tonight in Frankfurt but the bus has just broken down luckily outside the hotel and not on the journey in the snow. Last nights gig in Alsdorf very emotional, incredibly long standing ovation after ‘How Deep is your Love’…Thank you…

During our break I will try and put together a video. We are now on our way to Frankfurt in a luxury tour bus but miss our driver EARmolindo…

Antonio Gaudio (drummer)
Great concert in Frankfurt 34 fantastic concerts with a large family great people with great musicians, of all thanks for playing with Blue.
Audience review
Super show in the Jahrhunderthalle in Frankfurt!! Great atmosphere. No idea why there is so little advertisement for this great concert tour!! Next time please more publicity, it’s worth it!
Bring The Italian Brothers on German TV!!

Fabrian Goroncy (Bee Gees cover artist) to ITALIAN BEE GEES
One of the greatest shows I’ve ever seen!! 14th of March 2013 in Frankfurt/Jahrhunderthalle with “The Italian Bee Gees” and Blue Weaver!! Thank you for this amazing evening! So touching and what a perfect performance 🙂
Best wishes from Germany, Fabrian

Italian Bee Gees to Fabrian Goroncy
Grazie mille Fabrian !! Again, thank you for coming, it was a great surprise and pleasure for us. Ciao and all the best ! Davide, Walter, Pasquale, ladies and all the band

A big thank you for not only the artists on stage but for everyone back stage as well during this Massachusetts concert tour: Michael Kuhna, Lars Kuhnt (on photo) and the whole team.

Audience reviews of the tour so far (in German)

March 30th. 2013