Start of the 7th edition of the Massachusetts Tour.
March 11. 2019.

The opening show in the Alte Oper in Frankfurt.
The 3 Egiziano brothers: Walter, Davide and Pasquale singing a medley

It’s again a new show this year with mostly of course the musical performances of countless big Bee Gees hits mixed with beautiful dancing. The artists travel together with the audience through the impressive musical career of The Gibb Brothers. A wonderful journey of music and dance, pure and 100% live, hosted by Thomas Hinrich the moderator of the show. During rehearsals in the afternoon we already discovered the nice Alte Oper building. The sound was good, the lights were wonderful and the big screens showed amazing photos and video clips. During the show at this opening night the hall was full with enthusiastic people. The audience was amazing from the first minutes on: clapping and dancing.

The 3 Egiziano brothers: Walter, Davide and Pasquale singing a medley

A great atmosphere. This opening night also happended to be the birthday of special guest Blue Weaver and so we did all sing to him ‘Happy Birthday’ during the concert while he received a huge birthday cake on stage !! Of course also this year some new songs were added to the show and we enjoyed the wonderful guest performances of Blue Weaver as well as Vince Melouney and Dennis Bryon. The end of the concert always comes too soon. After the encore some special extra minutes followed by the fantastic IBG live band ….. a great finish of this musical evening. Like after each concert the Egiziano brothers as well as, Blue, Dennis and Vince were sitting ready in the lobby to welcome the people of the audience who wanted to say hello, have a little chat, a photo or other item signed, or just some photos taken. A very nice end of a great evening. We saw a lot of friends again today.

Letizia and the dancers: Heartbreaker / Chain Reaction
The opening night is also Blue's birthday so..... Happy Birthday with a huge cake

March 12.
The next day the tour went on and we saw eachother again in the beautiful Kurhaus of Wiesbaden where we’d been before some years ago to visit Massachusetts as well. Like each time while visiting this tour we attend the soundcheck in the afternoon and stay at the venue mostly for the rest of the day. This afternoon we spent quite some time during sound check just chatting etc. with the artists and everyone of the team, after two of our best German friends had come over to the hall to say hello. One of our friends is quite ill at the moment and we all spend some time with him and his wife as he wasn’t able to make it to the concert because of his illness. So we ended up hugging, chatting and taking pix. Very emotional! In the evening it was show time again and we watched the show this time from one of the balconies. This is the list of songs which have been performed during this first part of the 2019 tour:

Vince Melouney

Next day at breakfast we again had time to talk with everyone and later that morning we drove home after having said goodbye to everyone of the team at the hotel: until soon. The tour goes on through all parts of Germany. (see tourlist). The following two weeks The Massachusetts Team played for enthusiastic audiences in many German cities. They did some interviews for amongst others German TV and now and then had some time off to relax, to make new plans and to drink some German beer! During a few concerts IBG singer Laura was replaced by the new Massachusetts singer of this year; Monica, as Laura needed to hop over to Italy to sing in some other big concerts too. You can find all Massachusetts concert cities and venues in the tourlist of this tour, printed on this The first leg of the tour ended March 25. with again a very nice show in Lubeck. From there it was HOME for about a week. To relax, to do other work or even more music gigs and concerts elsewhere. April 3 the whole team will gather again in Berlin for part 2 of Massachustts 2019.

Dennis and Blue tell about the great times working with The Bee Gees
Laura getting a standing ovation after her tribute performance for Maurice