After a short break the Massachusetts team travelled to Berlin, April 2 to continue the tour again the next day in the capital of Germany, in the well known Tempodrom. Like earlier years also this time some family and friends joined the tour as well in Berlin and even some travelled along with the group for a number of days. Most of the second part of this tour the group stayed in the eastern part of the country the very last show again was near the western border in Dusseldorf where they again played in the Tonhalle, so a good chance for us to visit again.

After each show The Brothers and Blue take time to meet with the public.

April 17 Early in the afternoon we met the team at their hotel and together we went to the Tonhalle by bus. When we arrived at the venue we saw some other friends from Holland waiting their to see the group. We stayed for the greater part of the soundcheck and then went to get something to eat. In the evening during the concert one was filming the complete show. We had great seats overlooking everyone and with a very good view on the stage. Sometimes the stage isn’t really big enough to give room to all the aquipment and is it technically not possible to use all 3 screens during the show. Like tonight, that’s a pity but nevertheless we enjoyed the concert again so very much. After the meet and greet the tourbus brought us back to the hotel. It was the last night before the tour break and we all stayed together in the hotel bar until….. late. Great fun ! In the middle of the night we drove back home and the team travelled home the next day.

Blue Weaver will visit America’s east coast in the break to do some anniversary concerts with one of his old bands: The Strawbs and Vince Melouney will be going to LA again to rehearse for his own tour which start later this year.

May 8. the last part of the 2019 tour will continue in Leverkusen.