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Bee Gees guitar strikes a chord with £24,000 buyer Sarah Robertson

A LIFELONG Bee Gees fan says it is a “dream come true” to own the last signed guitar of the late Maurice Gibb, despite having to pay out £24,000 for the privilege.

Dave McFarlane, 40, a  businessman from Bearsden, near Glasgow, bought the instrument at a charity auction.

Mr McFarlane, a haulage contractor, outbid rivals to raise cash for a children’s hospital.

He said: “It has been a lifelong dream of mine to own something by the Bee Gees. They are a fantastic, world-famous band with brilliant songs”.

“I woke up after the auction thinking I can’t believe I own it – it is an amazing feeling although my wallet feels much lighter.”

Mr McFarlane, who owns haulage firm Monarch Transport Ltd, already owns instruments once owned by Brian May of Queen, Sting, Bryan Adams, and Status Quo.

But he said the Bee Gees guitar, which is signed by all three band members, will take pride of place in his collection.

He added: “I am a guitar fanatic and have played in rock bands. But this guitar is the best because of its history”.

“Apparently they had this one for a long time and have composed a number of songs on it. I am putting it on my wall but I have already been practising the chords to Massachusetts on it.”

The guitar was donated to the Royal Hospital for Sick Children at Yorkhill in Glasgow to help fund the Ronald McDonald House.

Only days before his death on January 12, Maurice Gibb autographed the guitar and gave it to the house, where parents are accommodated while their children are receiving treatment.

The guitar was given by the group to Sue Lindsay, a friend of Maurice Gibb who now lives in Linlithgow, West Lothian.

Mrs Lindsay, a regular visitor to the Miami Beach home of Barry Gibb and Linda, his Edinburgh-born wife, asked the brothers if they would help raise funds for house.

Feb 10th.