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Description of Grammy presentation February 23rd.
By Bee Gees fan: Lynne Yule

They were introduced as the BG’s receiving the Legend award…..and then N’Sync was introduced. They came out in black tux’s, really sharp!…and did an a cappello rendition of several BG songs in 5 part harmony! It was really wonderful…. apparently they did a similar tribute for an awards show in Germany when the BG’s received an award and so if you saw that, it was similar.

Then they introduced Barry and Robin and they came out from center backstage together. Both were smiling really big smiles. Both had on grey suits but different in style and Robin, truly looking wonderful, had on a bright blue shirt and matching tie, very sharp and his blue tinted glasses..his hair was falling toward his face as it looks these days and he looked tanned. It was a great relief to see him looking so well. He was really smiling alot and very happy looking. Although I’m sure he was agonizing inside…. Barry, looked heavier, and had a black wrap on his right arm and hand….he had on a white shirt and tie. He smiled from ear to ear, and as the papers reported he said this was really harder than they both thought it would be…but he said it while smiling….and with a few nervous laughs…as he does. They received a very long and enthusiastic standing ovation. Barry talked about the measure of a man being his family and he would like everyone to meet his family! He looked out over the audience and asked where Maurice’s family was….and the camera panned over to them….Yvonne was in black suit and white blouse, hanging onto Samantha’s hand and Adam on the other side of her with his arm around her. I’m not too sure what Samantha was wearing..it was a darker color and her hair was dark and maybe a bit red in the back., It was up and she really looked beautiful. She is a beautiful girl, really! Adam was in a black suit and white shirt and a tie…don’t remember what kind of tie….maybe a closed white shirt buttoned at the top. He looked very handsome too…he has a very humble and sweet face and that really showed thru.

So then Barry said, “Here is Maurice’s family, aren’t they lovely and this is what Maurice was all about, his family, and this is his family, his wife Yvonne, and his son Adam and daughter Samantha. This is the measure of the man, his family.” There was a great cheer and standing ovation. Then Barry says, as he clutches the grammy, “This award is for Maurice”, and he invites Adam to come up to the stage and accept it. Adam stands up and proceeds to the stage, to cheers, …and Robin reaches out his hands to Adam and Barry gives him the award and then says thank you to the Grammies again. First Barry hugs Adam and then Robin hugs Adam,

At this point, Adam turns to his uncle and asks him something and he is asking if he can say something in the mike, Barry tells him sure go ahead and say something… so Adam approaches the mike and says,

“My father loved what he did all his life, and he would have loved to be here to accept this award. He watched the Grammies every year and loved them….and he would have been so proud to receive this award.” (Some words like that…not this exactly). And he is very composed and smiling as he gives this speech! (Maurice must have been so proud of him!) Then he says, “and there is one person my Dad would have thanked if he had been up here, and that is Mum, because she was his rock.” The camera pans to Yvonne and Samantha and she is crying with her eyes closed and a handkerchief up to her eyes and clutching Samantha’s hand as hard as she could…and Sam is kissing her hand…it was so, so very sad but very touching, Poor Yvonne just couldn’t deal with the public display. It is way too early but there she was with the spotlight on her and she is crying her heart out. Oh my goodness, it was heart-wrenching.

Then Adam said, “I know my Dad is watching this,” and he looked up as if to heaven and said, “and he would NOT believe that I am up here doing this speech, so I think I’ll end now and go….. (While Adam was talking, Barry was right behind him to one side, very close to him, as if giving him support….and when Adam began to talk about his Dad…Barry turned his head to the side and put his hand up to his cheek and walked away a little behind Adam, I think he was fighting back tears.) Adam walked away from the mike and he and the 2 brothers waved to the audience, who were still standing and clapping. They walked off together, thru the back center of the stage and turned and waved one more time.And that was the good-bye of the BG’s to the American scene. As you can imagine, I was crying!

I think this was a great tribute to Maurice and the example of the GB’s to the whole world, that they are first and foremost a close and loving family….something the whole world needs to see these days! Well, I rewound and watched this part of the show 3 times afterwards last night and then wrote this note for GSI. Well, there you are……an unforgettable moment in the BG’s history and in American music history.

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