Poem's stories and comments

I’m not one who gets out or is able to attend concerts, etc.
I remembered listening to the BEE GEES as a teen, but got side-tracked with life.
I have some of their music and it gets played over and over.
While watching Barry and Robin accept the award, and hearing Barry say that the measure of a man is his family, I wrote the following poem. I just wanted to pass it on.


What is the measure of a man?
Could it be how he conducts himself,
Sits on a shelf and watches the world pass by?
What is the measure of a man?
Does he attempt to run every race,
Setting the pace for those who want to try?
Is he just going through the motions?
Is he just grasping silly notions?
Not taking into account where he’s goin’?
Or does he take assurance
That if this is his last chance
He’ll reach for the sky
And not question why?
What is the measure of a man?
Look into the eyes of his family;
That’s where you’ll see
The measure of a man.

God bless the Gibb Family!