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Maurice In Loving Memory


Maurice Gibb art work for Yvonne


August 12th. 2007.
It was in spring of this year that I first got in touch with William Hunt. I received a mail from him; a local artist from Ft. Lauderdale.

Bill wrote me he is a huge Bee Gees fan and had some photos of the guys and thought he would love to do a piece of art, the way he is seeing the Brothers. He decided to send it to me and asked me if I liked it. I was impressed and so we got in touch and I posted one of his art works on the front page of GSI and helped to sell the original through the GSI website. Bill did more Bee Gees art works and one day suggested me to offer a special Maurice art work to someone of the Gibb Family which I thought would be the right person to give it to. I loved this Maurice portrait he had made and said it would be great to give it to Barry, to Robin or to mum Barbara but finally decided it could best be given to Maurice’s widow Yvonne. So I tried to arrange that but as Yvonne was out of the country for quite some time we had to wait. In the meantime we had shown the art work already to Sam and Adam who were delighted. When Yvonne arrived back home earlier this week I got in touch with Bill again to send it to Yvonne, which he already did. GSI has the okay from Bill Hunt to post this art work on the website too but we wanted to wait of course until Yvonne had received it. We’ve heard that Yvonne likes the art work very much!
The art work so beautifully expresses how Maurice was and how we would like to remind him.
In Loving memory Maurice Ernest Gibb 1949 – 2003
I love it, thanks Bill.

Marion / GSI

Copyright: William Hunt. 2007.