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Maurice Gibb Park Dedication

Miami Beach, March 4th 2007.
The preparations for the special ceremony to open The Maurice Gibb Park began around 12.00 o’clock that day when Shari, the coordinator of the dedication arrived. Many people were busy to get things ready in time for the start of the gathering including members of the Miami Beach Police Department.

The Maurice Gibb Park, formerly known as Island View Park is situated on 18 Street and Purdy Avenue. The sculpture at the entrance of the park with the park name was created by Miami Beach artist Dale Bryant. The hole in the sculpture is to peek into another world: into the green park surrounded by the city and in fact it suggests Mo’s passage to another world. Also in the park now is a plaque marking a refurbished play ground mentioning the name of the park as well as the name of the play ground honouring Dr. Leo Grossman (Miami Beach paediatrician).

At around 3 p.m. family and friends arrived. Most of the Gibb family was present only Steve wasn’t there and Dwina due to personal circumstances. The gathering was opened at 4 o’clock by Michael Aller, Director of Tourism and Conventions. He invited on stage one of Mo’s friends Arthur Hamm to speak. Next speaker was Arnold Gitomer, friend of the Gibbs for over 30 years Then Barry and Robin came on stage to speak some words. Next speaker was Miami Beach mayor David Dermer He also invited Yvonne, Sam and Adam on the stage to present them with a Key of the City Adam said some -thank you- words.

Next it was time for mayor Dermer to invite Barry, Linda, Robin, Yvonne, Adam and Sam to unveil the mosaic tribute at the park, also a creation by Dale Bryant in beautiful bright colours yellow, red and blue with a bronze plaque in the middle. The memorial covered with a white sheet was unveiled on the count of three.

Fan Gail M. tells about her visit to the Maurice Gibb Dedication:

Robin left the ceremony before Barry, with heavy guard. Barry stayed very long. I actually believe he did meet every fan there. I spoke with Yvonne, Samantha, and Adam. Yvonne told me she couldn’t wait for the ceremony to be over. She was very stressed. She said anything that is brought up about Maurice brings back memories and she gets sad. I gave her a picture of Maurice I had professionally framed. I told her it was OK to open it later, because she looked too overwhelmed.
The day was perfect!!

After the ceremony Robin and Barry joined the visitors and fans to have a chat and give autographs and other members of the Gibb Family chatted with the visitors for some time and many photos were taken. At the end there was a family reception at the house of Robin in Miami Beach.


Robin, mum Barbara and family at the ceremony
Thank you words by Adam
Unveiling of the plaque by the family

I’ll be seeing you in all the old
Familiar places that this heart of
Mine embraces all day through

One Day At The Time

In Loving Memory
Yvonne, Adam And Sam