NEWS, May 20

Letter from Robin John Gibb, today
Marion/GSI: “Dear Robin-John We are celebrating your dad today and we continue to celebrate his music and that of his brothers for many, many years to come! Long live The Bee Gees Legacy.
Hugs to you and your family, love always
Marion and family”.

Click here to read RJ’s message in PDF

Marion: GSI 05/20/23  

NEWS, May 14

Bee Gees Biopic
The Writers Guild of America is on strike so unfortunately I think this may slow down the biopic script progress for a while. As far as I know the release date should be early 2025. I will keep you posted.

Marion: GSI 05/14/23  

NEWS, May 12

Barry’s message on social media about son Stephen’s new release
Hi everyone!
This is Barry. For the last year I have seen my son Stephen take control of his musical life and I have witnessed his determination along with his bandmates in Kill The Robot have achieved a highly aggressive, very melodic and energized album which is truly in his nature. I understand how tough it is in these times to build support and find others that have faith in you. So I would love it if you all checked this out. They are streaming on all platforms. This is the their first release from the record. Thanks so much. Love, Barry

Tall Poppy Syndrome -“Let It Ride”
(written by Barry Gibb and Vince Melouney, 1976) available May 12 via Bandcamp

Another old song written by Barry and Vince: Morning Rain, will be released by Tall Poppy Syndrome soon too. Tall Poppy Syndrome is a completely self-financed project. Purchasing our new single “Let It Ride” (or just making a donation) at Bandcamp will help make it possible for us to release additional material in the future. Thanks to everyone who’s already contributed, your support is really appreciated.

Marion: GSI 05/12/23  

NEWS, May 4

Andy with family

New project with Stephen Gibb.

Stephen: “Today is the day! The lead track from my new band/project- Kill the Robot is available everywhere you stream music and lots of new music is going to be coming very soon. Check out the video here that my good bud Brian Fitzpatrick created.

May the 4th be with us all!”

And recent video talk with Stephen in which he talks about his early start as a roadie for the Bee Gees to eventually playing with them. He has played with 58 (with Nikki Sixx), Barry Gibb, Bee Gees, BLS ,Crowbar ,Kingdom of Sorrow, Jasta ,The Underbellys, SkilletHead, and Saigon Kick. He is back now with a new band called “Kill The Robots”. Single out now!

Marion: GSI 05/04/23  

NEWS, May 1

New single, written by Barry Gibb and Vince Melouney.
“Let It Ride,” the new single by Tall Poppy Syndrome, written by Barry Gibb and Vince Melouney. will be available May 12 via Bandcamp.

Marion: GSI 05/01/23  

NEWS, April 23

The Duets Collection – Oliva and friends
This album will feature duets with Mariah Carey, Michael McDonald, John Travolta, Barry Gibb, Vanessa Amorosi, Jon Secada, her daughter Chloe Lattanzi, Kelly Lang Dolly Parton and more. The album will be released on May 5, 2023.

Kelly Lang: thrilled to perform classic song with Olivia Newton-John before her death
also watch:

Auction of John Travolta’s Saturday Night Fever suit  John Travolta’s white suit from the cult film “Saturday Night Fever” (1977) has been auctioned in the USA for a lot of money. The white polyester suit, which includes a jacket, vest and pants, in which Travolta danced to the Bee Gees hit “More Than a Woman,” went under the hammer in Beverly Hills on Saturday for $260,000, Julien’s Auctions said . The auction house had previously estimated the value at $100,000 to $200,000.

Bee Gees Book
FYI, there’s another Bee Gees book coming. Not authorized but perhaps interesting for you.

Marion: GSI 04/23/23  

NEWS, April 2

 Message posted on Facebook by Robin-John Gibb
“Great to be back after a a fantastic Danish tour!

Back to work on finishing the tracks my father and I started yet never had the chance to complete, those, finished yet cut from albums by us, in order to shorten the time (too much material) and my own solo material.

Denmark is always a pleasure to visit and the crowds were just amazing. Loved seeing so many familiar faces too, as well as some new, younger fans as well. The social media campaigns we are revamping are working it would appear.

Which reminds me. There are some incredible social media surprises ahead, as well as some announcements which I do believe will make many a delicious grin spread across the faces of those with a fantastic taste in music (i.e. you dedicated fans without whom this is but noise. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it is all of you who make BEE GEE & Gibb music so special. The very backbone, so to speak. No one could ask for more loyal souks so truly good at heart, in my experience at least) surprises which have something to do with what I said at the beginning of this post, but…ahem…say no more.

There were also some further instructions from my father, as well, which WILL BE honoured and released, so as to be heard for the very first time, sung by those whom he wished should sing them.

After 10 years, it’s time to pay our respects, dedications, and finalise some unfinished business, sounds cryptic but all will be clear soon enough.

I am very happy to call Marion Adriaensen my very good friend, she is like family, very dear to me. She also happens to be, as most of you know very well indeed, the President of GSI – the Official BEE GEES Fan Club (time to call it for what it is) which of course it has been for some time now.

If you ask me, it’s about “bleeding” time somebody said it, too.

Both Marion & I cannot wait to reveal to you all these wonderful surprises which I’m certain will come as a pleasant uplifting experience after such a long period of anticipation. The unheard material will most certainly “blow the minds” so to speak, of many, once revealed. It’s all very secretive for now, & believe me, it’s hard enough for us not to say a word yet to anyone.

Exciting times with equally exciting changes are afoot.

(Speaking if a foot, I’ll add some footage and images from Denmark to this profile soon as well)

Warmest regards to you all & lots of love!

xxxxx Sincerely Robin J Gibb, (“RJ”) “

Marion: GSI 04/02/23 

NEWS, April 1

Andy with family
Andy with family

NEWS, March 24

New Update Maurice Gibb Park
During the week of March 27, 2023 the city is commencing the long awaited Maurice Gibb Memorial Park construction project.
Save the date to celebrate! The groundbreaking ceremony is scheduled for Tuesday, April 4, 2023 at 4 p.m.

See and search also the older GSI postings about the renovation plans from before the Covid period, for instance: The plans are already from before the Covid period.

Latest update from Adam Gibb to GSI:
“My dad’s park will not be completed for 2 years from what the city told me.”
(Pix and video of the groundbreaking ceremony on April 4, you will find on the GSI Facebook group).

Marion: GSI 03/24/23  

NEWS, March 22

oncert Hillerød, source Royal Stage.
RJ. with left Pasquale Egiziano and right Davide Egiziano

As part of the new Legacy Project, the first live concerts have now been given, this month in Denmark ( March 16-17-18). It’s high time we all try to do our best to keep The Bee Gees Legacy alive for future generations now Barry is the only surviving Bee Gee and probably won’t do large tours anymore in future. In the coming time more and more attention will be paid to the Legacy of The Bee Gees, their great music catalog. Robin John Gibb, son of Robin Gibb, has been making plans for some time already to keep the music of his father and uncles alive and to celebrate it in many ways!!!,.

The time has come for the Gibb Family and all the fans to specially focus on keeping the Bee Gees music Legacy alive!! more about that soon. !!

We will all cherish forever the wonderful albums of the original Bee Gees music!!! but in future also need to tell younger generations about their music and keep celebrating their music in many ways also live on stages everywhere in the world.

RJ, together with the 3 Egiziano Brothers and other musical friends, will give the Gibb catalog more attention (also through the social media platforms!) in order to keep our beloved music alive and also to bring it under the attention of a new and younger audience!

March 16-17 and 18 Robin John was on stage with The 3 Egiziano Brothers and their live band as well as Vince Melouney and Blue Weaver.

Three concerts with an enthusiastic audience singing and dancing along with the artists celebrating those famous Bee Gees songs. For quite some people it gave emotional feelings, like with me!

Here are some pix. For lots of more pix and videos of these 3 shows: visit GSI Facebook group:
Soon more announcements about the future plans, ideas, shows, releases and other specials etc. concerning The Bee Gees Legacy.

  The Midnight Specials on youtube with also lots of Bee Gees videos.
The Midnight Special is an American late-night musical variety series originally broadcast on NBC during the 1970s and early 1980s, created and produced by Burt Sugarman. It premiered as a special on August 19, 1972, then began its run as a regular series on February 2, 1973; its last episode was on May 1, 1981.

  Another Bee Gees book
A biography book of one of the best-selling bands of all time, by Bob Stanley.

Marion: GSI 03/22/23  

NEWS, February 26

Sir Barry Gibb during the ceremony for Olivia Newton John

State Memorial Service for Dame Olivia Newton-John AC DBE
I hope you were able to watch the livestream today of Olivia’s memorial Service which was also shown on our GSI Facebook group You can watch back the recording until Sunday 5 March 2023 on this site:
See Barry’s spoken message during the Ceremony for Oliva Newton John at: 1.05.44 / 1.07


Marion: GSI 02/26/23  

NEWS, February 26

Sir Barry Gibb during the ceremony for Olivia Newton John

NEWS, February 20

Bee Gees Legacy!! – Finally: big news
Together with a strong team, Robin-John Gibb, son of Robin Gibb, has made the ultimate tribute to his father and uncles: Bee Gees Legacy. This project consists of all kinds of special items, special guests, unreleased material, special recordings, merchandise, live shows etc. etc. to keep the Gibb Music catalogue alive.

More about plans and ideas soon. All news will be provided and published via GSI along with Robin John on behalf of the family via Robin Gibb’s social media.

Until next month in Denmark, for the first Bee Gees Legacy live shows.!! : Robin John Gibb, together with The Italian Bee Gees and 2 special guests: Blue Weaver and Vince Melouney.!!

NEWS, February 17

GSI – Announcement
Something big is coming soon!! So stay tuned!!!

Marion: GSI 02/17/23  

NEWS, February 10

Latest message from Sam Gibb
Hey Friends!
I am very happy to let you all know that not only is my new EP Echoes available everywhere but next Friday, Feb 17th, I will be sharing the last official animated lyric video for the Echoes version of “Sorry, Not Sorry”. The amazing illustrator Keira O’Keefe helped us create a world behind these songs and I’m just so excited to share the final video with you all soon!

To watch the first two videos we did or to buy or listen to my music just go to the link below:

Hope everyone has an awesome week

“The single is a simple melody that just resonates through your mind like an echo as it’s written, produced, and mastered to perfection. Falling somewhere in the gray zone of pop music, the thought-provocative lyrics take you on a self-reflective trip through the process of having to let go in order to make room for growth” – EDM Rekords “Nashville-based artist SAMANTHA GIBB is a phenomenal talent. Her latest single ‘Sorry, Not Sorry’ is a relatable song with addictive lyrics, memorable melodies and stunning vocal performances. So make sure you add ‘Sorry, Not Sorry’ to your new music playlist this week!” – FVmusicblog

“We appreciate the poetic prowess and dynamic vocals that Samantha Gibb shares with Sorry Not Sorry, as well as her authenticity and vulnerability as a songwriter.”

Marion: GSI 02/10/23

NEWS, February 6

Legacy – Celebrating The Bee Gees Music
Dear members As you know there are plans of Celebrating The Bee Gees Music the coming time in a special way. I’ve told you about it on GSI before. GSI will help spreading the word and today Robin John asked me to forward to you his audio message to me today: here’s a part of his call to me:

Just want to let you know that all that my father wrote that I posted is just 100% true. It’s sad though to hear and read what some fans write and how unkind they can comment. This even made my mother Dwina cry. I want you to know that I am the admin of Robin Gibb Facebook page. I hope you can help spreading the word that that’s the official social media where I will continue to publish my plans etc. concerning all things Legacy and Celebrating The Bee Gees Music and I will do this in future with your International group – GSI. This is Robin Gibb’s social media return. It’ll get new postings for the new Legacy gigs, the unheard music which not has been released, the unfinished works which will be finished and released. It’s going to be amazing especially with the Bee Gees Biopic coming up and so it’s such exiting times. Let’s make this year the start of a fantastic time as far as Bee Gees Music and Gibb Music is concerned because there’s a surprise which will be coming out and we soon have to talk about that too. It concerns using for Legacy: hologram technics, deep fake technology, huge advertising and so what we’re going to reveal is going to be huge and special and the most poignant moment in Gibb history. So please let everyone know: this is the real deal and this is also the come back of Robin Gibb on Facebook, lots of love and the best to the family, RJ”

January 28, 2023.
January 25, 2023.

Marion: GSI 02/06/23  

NEWS, January

Decades, The Bee Gees in the 70ties book
Andrew Mon Hughes, Mark Crohan and Grant Walters are excited to share the news that the second book in the “Bee Gees Decades” series will be released on February 24 in the UK and Europe and March 31 in North America. The 1970s volume is an expansive (315 pages!) analysis of every album and every song (including solo and side project work) in the brothers’ stunning catalog – including new interviews with co-producers Albhy Galuten and Karl Richardson, and an excellent foreword by Spencer Gibb. You can purchase the book in advance on Amazon and other major online sellers, but many local bookstores can also preorder it for you. We can’t wait for you to read this work that’s been over a year-and-a-half in the making.

NEWS, January 21

 Legacy – Celebrating The Music Of The Bee Gees
In March the first Legacy concerts are planned: in Denmark with The Italian Bee Gees and band, Robin John Gibb and Blue Weaver.

Info and tickets Denmark concerts
March 16 / 2023 / 20.00/ Hillerød: Royal Stage
March 17/ 2023 / 20.00 / Randers: Værket
March 18 / 2023 / 20.00 / Aalborg: Kongres & Kultur Center

Magnificent hit parade with the Bee Gees’ best songs!
Together with a strong team, Robin-John Gibb, son of Robin Gibb, has created the ultimate tribute to his father and uncles.

It is with good reason that Robin-John Gibb, son of Robin Gibb, calls ‘Legacy’ the most authentic Bee Gees tribute out there. He himself is behind the show together with the three Italian Egiziano brothers; Pascual, David and Walter.
For more info concerts Denmark 

NEWS, January 2

New Year 2023
Today GSI received a short update again from Miami Beach. The year has started with not yet major plans confirmed, but the Love And Hope Balls (where many fans asked GSI about lately) probably won’t be organized the way they have always been. It’s more possible that the younger DRI committee may start a different series of annual fundraising events at some point. Of course GSI will keep you informed and updated !

At present Barry has no major plans for the coming months but at the moment is mostly busy with assisting the producers of the upcoming Bee Gees bio pic!! We’ll keep you informed about the rest of the year of course.

Be aware of all the fake people on the internet who pretend to be Barry Gibb, one of his family members or any people who try to convince you they can get you in contact with Barry!! See also the warning on the GSI Facebook group!

Happy New Year and best wishes to all of you .

  Rolling Stone list

Dionne Warwick
Dionne’s CNN film: Don’t Make Me Over also includes conversation with Barry Gibb Some short clips:

Barry Gibb helps honor lifesaver

Some clips of old videos to watch again
Bee Gees 1970’s Video Collection

Marion: GSI 01/02/23